Smart Conference Room: Must-have System and Products

by Ricoh Malaysia18 Oct 2021

Remote work is more than a trend for companies and people all around the world. The Work From Anywhere trend is gaining traction as more and more people choose to work from home.

Companies require tools and resources to enable their workers to work successfully in the office, remotely, or in a distributed satellite office for distributed teams to work efficiently.

Smart video conferencing cameras, software, and collaboration tools like smart whiteboards are making it simpler for individuals to work from anywhere thanks to innovative technologies.

The smart conference room combines all of this technology to create a new, future-focused meeting area.

The following are must-have systems and products you need for your smart conference room.

  1. Solid networking

    When so much of your business processes involve connecting remotely with staff or clients, whose perception of your firm is founded on their communication with you, inconsistent coverage or an unstable internet connection may be time-consuming to deal with in a meeting.

    The most crucial component to have in your meeting places is a reliable, stable internal network. There will be a lot of interruptions in your meetings or conferences if your equipment can't communicate with one other.

    The room's priority should be a network, which includes a strong router, several access points, and a network switch.

  2. Scheduling system

    A scheduling system that allows everyone in the office to access the room's calendar and readily evaluate availability should be in place to minimize duplicate booking.

    This can take the shape of anything from Microsoft Exchange's scheduling tool to an all-in-one presentation system with scheduling built-in.

  3. A big screen

    Visuals are frequently used in meetings as part of a presentation, although the days of projection systems that required muted lights are long gone.

    Large television displays are common in today's meeting rooms, allowing the meeting to continue uninterrupted.

  4. Wireless presentation system

    You can view content with maximum ease with a wireless presentation system. This sort of system can support both frequent users and visitors without forcing them to connect their own devices with cords.

    There are various alternatives available, so be sure to pick one that has all of the features your room requires, such as airplay, annotation capabilities, split-screen capabilities, and moderator functions.

  5. Detection of occupancy

    Occupancy sensors save energy by responding to the presence or absence of motion in the space and controlling things like lighting and temperature accordingly. It's a simple yet effective addition to any smart meeting room.

  6. Control system

    The workhorse that allows the user to interact with the space and all of its devices is the control system. Everyone should be able to operate and understand your control system.

    Lighting control, volume changes, and video routing are all possible with a good system. When choosing a control system, the most important factors to consider are reliability and flexibility.

  7. Whiteboard tools

    For both in-office and remote workers, smart whiteboards are a useful productivity tool. They can be used to discuss ideas with individuals they're meeting with and to depict a thought process or workflow.

    A basic wall-mounted whiteboard or a rolling whiteboard that can be moved from room to room is typical in many offices.

    A smart whiteboard is frequently used in smart meeting rooms so those remote meeting participants can view and exchange information more conveniently.

    The meeting participants can link to productivity and collaboration tools so that content written on the whiteboard during a meeting can be delivered to them after the meeting is ended.

    This guarantees that everyone, even those who were unable to attend, is aware of what was discussed during the meeting.

All in all

These smart conference room must-have systems and products will revolutionize user meeting experiences, transforming meeting rooms from places they dread to places where they feel confident, focused, and ready to be productive.

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