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    Workspace utilisation and management

    If your office is a busy hub of meetings and flexible workspaces, you need smarter room booking solutions

    Keep everyone organised with cloud-based meeting room and workspace scheduling that can handle bookings, walk-ups and visitors. Inspire a better guest and employee experience with smoother bookings for a better business day.

    Make the most of your space

    Get a clear understanding of space usage and resource requirements with detailed reporting, enabling you to make better decisions about your space and manage costs more effectively.

    Monitor the usage of your workspace and use the data to drive continuous improvement. With greater control over your meeting and workspace facilities, you can enhance the value they bring to your operations.

    Meeting room booking

    Take the complexity out of managing your meeting rooms. An intuitive touch screen display and centralised admin portal, plus seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendars, bring a simple, single view to meeting room bookings – right across your business.

    • An integrated meeting room booking system for your business
    • Screens outside rooms so everyone can see room availability 
    • Admin control from any device
    • Measure use, peak times and more for insights on your space
    • Securely manage user bookings, access and rooms
    • Monitor use and get insights

    Desk booking

    Create a more agile workplace with our cloud-based workspace reservation solution. Enable staff to easily find a workspace that meets their needs and get more out of your real estate.

    • Bookings for hot, fixed or flexible desks
    • Measure use, peak times and more for insights on your space
    • Securely manage user bookings

    Talk to the meeting and workspace specialists about cloud-based solutions.

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