About Ricoh

Ricoh has been a leader in the printer and copier market for more than 80 years—all the way back to 1936. The world’s first compact, affordable digital office copier was a Ricoh, in 1987. Since then we’ve been office automation frontrunners, changing how people work.

Today our business caters not only to offices but many other kinds of workplaces, too. We help people work smarter with our technologies and services and empowering their workplaces.

Ricoh imagines what the future could bring and embraces change driven by imaginative thinking. As a truly global company, we transform the way businesses work. We believe in a world of creativity, collaboration and seamless technology. We believe in your business.

At Ricoh Malaysia, from its humble beginnings as a branch of Gestetner Plc. UK, trading in stencil duplicators in the 1940’s, Ricoh practices a business strategy of People, Process and Technology (PPT) and now Workplaces as well, linking it to our corporate philosophy, business strategies, and environmental management. The 8 SDGs are the sustainable development goals (SDGs) that we are committed too and can contribute too by resolving social issues through our business and at the same time achieving them.