Document Management Solution

Tame the chaos of document and information overload

The most effective way in managing simple archives for small organizations

  • Manage how documents are created, surveyed, collaborated on and channeled through workflow 
  • Organize and control documents electronically 
  • Permit data sharing between clients 
  • Ease of collaboration, particularly virtual groups


 Multiple Functions to handle documents effectively

  1. Workflow
    Manage, Review, Approve Documents through user defined workflow
  2. Document Management
    Create Folder, Upload Documents, Copy, Move and Share
  3. User / Group Management
    Confidential fields can be identified and hidden for safekeeping
  4. Permission
    Manage permissions on Documents based on Users and Groups
  5. Metadata
    Assign tags to folders and documents
  6. Search
    Content Search, File Search, Metadata Search
  7. Versioning
    Track changes with minor or major versioning
  8. Document Recovery
    Recover accidentally deleted documents
  9. OCR
    Search text images, Supports PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and BMP
  10. Email
    Notification & Attachment 


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