The Company has been operating in Malaysia since 1940's as a branch of Gestetner Plc. UK, trading in stencil duplicators. It was registered as Gestetner (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd on 27 October 1970.

Ricoh Malaysia builing


In September 1995, Inchcape Plc. UK and Ricoh Co. Ltd, Japan entered into a joint venture and acquired 50% each of the shares in Gestetner (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and Inchcape Repromac Business Machines and by virtue of this acquisition, the Company changed it's name to Inchcape NRG (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

On 16 August 1999, Ricoh Co. Ltd. Japan acquired the balance 50% shares held by Inchcape Plc. UK thereby gaining 100% ownership.

Message from the Managing Director

For over 80 years, Ricoh brand has been synonymous with innovation and cutting edge technology. As the world's largest manufacturer of office equipment and the leading office solution provider, Ricoh has innovated a full line of products and services to meet the challenges of today's competitive business environment every step of the way.

Ricoh Malaysia practices a simple business strategy of People, Process and Technology (PPT) to achieve our global vision of creating a sustainable and profitable company while being conscious of our role as a corporate citizen. As a truly global company with over 83,000 employees and offices in over 150 countries, we continue to develop and nurture our local talents to be innovative and creating new value to the demanding global market. With that in mind, we know that it is essential to have the right processes and cutting-edge technology in place to give the employees the opportunity to provide excellent service and deliver high quality products to our valued customers.

On behalf of Ricoh Malaysia, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and support for Ricoh Malaysia. It is our hope and commitment to create a sustainable future for the generations to come.


Managing Director
Ricoh (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd