Do more with less

Collaboration when work can be anywhere

Businesses are trying to do more with less, and are feeling the pressure to offer services across multiple channels.

Without collaboration, business units develop their own processes. Your workplace can become fragmented and marked by missed opportunities.

What is the current state of workplace collaboration?

What is the current state ofworkplace collaboration? Infographic

What collaboration tools are organisations using?

What collaboration toolsare organisations using? Infographic

Our approach

Your business is complex, but workplace collaboration shouldn't be. Ricoh smart meetings and workspaces facilitate the right physical and virtual environments for teams to get things done.

From planning to deploying and maintaining, we’re your partner in creating a world-class collaboration environment.

  • Advisory and design

    We work with you to understand your business objectives and barriers to collaboration. Then we develop a customised solution incorporating new collaboration technologies to keep your people connected wherever they are. 

  • Construct

    Our team works with you to construct a delivery framework to suit your business environment. Training and change management are included to streamline adoption and user experience.

  • Care

    Technology changes fast. You need to be confident your collaboration tools are future proof. Our managed collaboration services can proactively manage your tech environment, providing both on-site and remote support.

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