• Workplace experience improves work productivity according to 79% of executives

    (Source: Deloitte GlobalHuman Capital Trends Report)

  • Drop of between 30-40% in employee productivity due to poor workplace utilization

    (Source: JLL Global Research)

  • Open work environment increases worker productivity by 16%

    (Source: Telsyte AustralianaSmart Workplace Study)

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Workplace Management Services

  • Boardroom

    - War room planning

    - TV wall / fusion projection wall

    - Visual communication system

    - Environmental control system

    - Conference system

    - Paperless meeting

  • Meeting Room

    - Visual communication system

    - Environmental control system

    - Collaborative conference planning

    - Conference output facilities planning

    - Conference resource management system

  • Office

    - Transactional device recommendation

    - Document security consultant

    - Active management system

    - Mobile communication system

    - Collaborative interaction discussion

  • Lobby

    - Face recognition / visitor system

    - Monitoring / Access Control

    - Electronic notice system

    - Cloud human flow data analysis

    - Resource reservation management system

  • Business Process

    - Production facilities construction

    - Document management system planning

    - Business Process Outsourcing Consultant

    - File digitization services

Why Choose Ricoh’s Workplace Management Services

  • Reduce Operating Expenses
    Through system integration, all monitoring, management and security operations can be conducted via a single platform, thereby reducing supplier management and training expenses.
  • Minimum upfront costs
    Service as a Subscription (SaaS) models available
  • Professional Services
    A wealth of experience in design and construction, IT Services, Smart Surveillance & Analytics, and many others.
  • IoT Module
    IoT convergence for the office would give chance for all IP enabled devices to be connected to the network resulting in a Smart Office and generating immense benefits.
  • End-to-end support
    Support by technical specialists for all user needs and devices
  • Retrofit Platform
    Seamless device integration with all IP enabled systems and equipment.

Smart Office

Ricoh Smart Office is a platform for creating digital experiences for physical environments.

It connects devices, hardware systems, and third-party software to provide an API for the built environment to empower a single solution for workplaces or buildings.

Ricoh Smart Office enables your building by integrating with any device, service, software package or building system, to unlock value in your existing technology and integrate seamlessly with future technology investments.

Return on Investment

Ricoh Smart Office solution provides ROI in many ways:
  • Utilization
  • Efficiency
  • User Experience


Workplace Management Services – Managed Devices


  • Intelligent Visitor Management

    - Virtual Concierge

    - Self-registration and Interactive waypoints can help visitors find their way around a building

    - Integration with Access Control and security systems provide information to visitor whereabouts.

  • Smart Advertising Board

    - All Advertising boards can be controlled and monitored at the same time via cloud.

    - Contents can be pushed to any digital signage anytime, anywhere.

    - Health Monitors can be had for every display equipment.

  • Intelligent Device Management

    - All devices, equipment and systems operating in silo can be connected to an IoT Smart platform allowing easy control and monitor.

    - Ricoh Smart Office is brand agnostic.

  • Intelligent Security Monitoring

    - Surveillance Systems can be integrated with Access Control allowing or barring access according to control settings.

    - Analytics can provide insightful information on visitors entering or roaming within a building.

    - Object identification, Vehicle Plate identification are other types of applications.

  • Smart Meeting Room

    - Meeting Room Booking, Equipment booking can be had for each user via Webapp for a single location, or multiple locations around the world.

    - Meeting Rooms can be setup automatically at a predetermined time. Lights, AC, Blinds, AV Equipment, etc.

  • Intelligent Facility Management

    - A connected office will enable data convergence of its building facilities.

    - Intelligent reporting would result and provide foresight and recommend necessary changes.

    - Information into facility usage can be made available too.

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