Smart Conference Room: Why Your Office Need this Solution

15 Nov 2021

Smart conference rooms equip employees with video conferencing capabilities that make workplace collaboration simple, entertaining, and inclusive.

As video calling is becoming more accessible and high-quality, businesses all around the world are smartening up their conference rooms and making them video-ready.

A smart conference room is an essential component of a smart workplace setup.

Intelligent technology powers smart meeting rooms, which integrate hardware and software tools into the meeting area to produce a highly productive meeting experience for both remote and in-person guests.

Interactive whiteboards, cameras, projectors, Skype, Zoom, and other similar technologies are examples of such tools.

Here’s why your office needs this smart conference room solution.

  1. Video Conferencing Software

    Video conferencing software is a vital component of any meeting space, particularly a smart meeting space. It enables seamless communication with your remote workforce and makes scheduling, contacting others, and starting a video conference with your team simple.

    The video conferencing software solutions listed below are some of the most popular, with many of them offering free versions of their software.

  3. Whiteboard Tools

    Whiteboards are a useful productivity tool for both in-office and remote employees. They can be utilized to communicate ideas and visualize a thought process or workflow.

    Many offices have a standard wall-mounted whiteboard or a rolling whiteboard that can be moved from room to room.

    Smart meeting rooms also have a smart whiteboard that can be viewed and shared more simply by remote conference participants.

    They use efficiency and collaboration software so that content written on the whiteboard during a meeting can be shared with meeting participants after the meeting is over.

    This implies that everyone is aware of what was discussed during the meeting, even if they were unable to attend.

  4. Smart Camera Video Conferencing

    A video conference camera with numerous meeting places and conference rooms allows remote teams to meet together in real-time. These cameras connect to laptops, displays, and in-room equipment to provide a live video stream of the meeting.

    The finest video conference cameras give a 360-degree view of the room, allowing your remote team members to see everything that is going on and keep up with the discussion. This creates a common environment in which everyone can participate and share their ideas.

    Smart video conference cameras, like standard video conference cameras, deliver high-quality video and audio, and their intelligent technology learns to react to the demands of meeting participants over time.

  5. Productivity Tools and Smart Analytics

    Smart meeting rooms are coupled with analytics software that allows IT directors and facility managers to understand how meeting spaces are utilized so that workers who use them have the greatest experience possible.

    Some analytics platforms can give information about which conference rooms are used for which types of meetings.

    This provides executives with insight into the places in which individuals like to have specific meetings, allowing them to arrange modifications to the workplace layout if necessary.

In a Nutshell

Smart conference rooms that use high-quality video conferencing systems can assist firms in attracting and retaining the finest employees. Working parents and millennials, for example, frequently favour organizations that allow them to work from home.

Millennials are drawn to modern places that offer high-quality, high-speed connections, as well as dependable and desired items.

Having the greatest video conferencing equipment also helps organizations avoid embarrassment and a slew of technical troubles while communicating with key customers.