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RICOH Remote Field

Live 360° video streaming from frontline environments

Businesses with frontline operations—such as factory floors, construction sites, and warehouses—need to ensure that these locations are running smoothly. Some activities, such as safety inspections and emergency responses, can’t be completed by frontline staff and require office personnel involvement. However, site visits aren’t always possible or the best option available due to cost, logistics, and facility restrictions. 

RICOH Remote Field solves these challenges by providing a way for office staff to get a detailed view of the frontline environment remotely. The solution is a cloud-based interactive communication service with live streaming of up to 4K resolution video from smart wearable glasses, smartphones, or RICOH Theta camera. With the RICOH Theta camera, users can choose their viewing angle freely from the camera’s 360° field of vision for a flexible, detailed view of the surroundings from their web browser. 

The service supports simultaneous streaming from multiple cameras and is optimised to work in low latency environments for the best user experience. 


Diverse and flexible uses

Thanks to its cloud-based delivery and support for high quality video even in low latency networks, RICOH Remote Field can be used for diverse fields and businesses, including inspection work, safety patrols, event streaming, VR education, and more.


  1. Easily understand the surroundings 
    Real-time 4K video lets viewers easily grasp the overall sense of a remote site 
  2. Choose your angle
    You won’t miss anything with RICOH Theta, which allows you to view 360° videos from any angle 
  3. Get the full picture 
    Simultaneous video from multiple cameras give an overall view as well as let you zoom in on the details 
  4. No applications required
    All images can be viewed from a web browser without installing an app 
  5. Easy streaming
    Just enter the room URL and passcode to join right away  
  6. Record and save 
    Each view can be individually recorded and saved for later use