Work From Home Tips to Maximize Your Productivity

by Ricoh Malaysia21 Jun 2021

Due to the spread of COVID-19, an increasing number of companies are implementing work-from-home policies, and workers are now expected to be just as productive without their usual resources and routines.

While working from home may appear to be a luxury, it is far from a vacation, and staying productive is far more difficult than it appears.

True, every job is different, and what you can contribute varies depending on your career, company, and internal regulations, but there are certain essential methods for working from home that can help you get your chores done quickly while keeping sane and healthy.

Here are work from home tips to help maximize your productivity.

  1. Wake up when you would normally do

    Even if you don't have to travel an hour to go to work, you should still get up as you typically would. Changing your waking hour every day might disturb your sleep habits and have a negative influence on your health.

    You will have more time in the morning to do other activities, such as laundry or exercise if you wake up as you would for a day at the office.

    You may also opt to organize your day ahead of time by making a list of your priorities and to-do items. This will not only increase your productivity during the day but will also make you feel more fulfilled at the end of the day as you cross off each accomplished job.

  2. Have a space to dedicate to work

    To ensure efficiency, it's critical to have a dedicated workspace. This might be a separate room in your home away from the television and bed.

    To stay focused, you may also arrange your desk with office supplies and motivational quotes. Ensure that your workstation is close to a power outlet so your computer, phone, and other devices can stay charged throughout the day.


  3. Smart meeting setup

    From the moment you step into your home office with your device and conferencing software of choice, smart meetings enable you to be more productive and communicate in a matter of seconds.

    As you work from home, you will need to communicate with your co-workers, supervisors, or employees (if you are the employer).

    In your home office, having the proper smart meeting setup can promote collaboration between various individuals, streamline procedures, and increase productivity.

    You may benefit from increased productivity as well as possible space savings by using smart meeting rooms that are tailored to the specific needs of individuals with whom you need to communicate.

    You can attain higher productivity as well as potentially freeing up extra space for the rest of your operations if you have smart meeting facilities that are adjusted to the needs of individuals you need to communicate with.

  4. Take regular breaks

    We could have a brief conversation with our co-workers in the pantry or along the halls about the latest entertainment news or new lunch locations when we're at a physical office. When you're working alone at home or in a café, these kinds of interactions don't happen.

    Even while working remotely, it's essential to take frequent breaks. Take a one-hour lunch break without using your laptop or phone.

    It's also a great time to unwind and catch up on your favourite television show. If possible, take a walk around your neighbourhood for lunch. You could even discover a new favourite hiding spot to work from.

    You could also get up every hour and gaze out the window or at a distant object. This helps improve your eyesight by preventing you from looking at the screen for long periods.

  5. Fight the urge to multitask

    Working from home may appear to be a handy time to catch up on household tasks, but it's much simpler than you may think to become side-tracked.

    It's not the right moment to straighten up or start a load of laundry right now. It's fine to take a break now and then, but don't let chores keep you from being productive. If you were at work, you wouldn't be doing them.

    Other at-home distractions are the same. If you prepare meals or snacks ahead of time for the office, do the same at home to avoid being distracted in the kitchen. If you don't watch TV at work, don't leave it on either, even if it's only for background noise.

In a Nutshell

When working from home, you must take advantage of the necessary technological tools to become more productive.

You might be more productive and focused when working remotely from home if you have made the proper steps to improve the digital infrastructure and support with a smart office solution.