Why You Should Choose Managed IT Desktop Services?

08 Sep 2021

Managed desktop services can help you focus on the things that matter most, whether you're an experienced IT specialist or a business executive.

The dedication, industry knowledge, and experience of a complete IT department focused on the delivery of your core business are among the benefits of IT-managed services in Malaysia.

The advantages of IT managed services allow you to focus on growing your company's core capabilities, while a managed services provider could assist you with the day-to-day chores of more time-consuming and complicated operations such as:

Cloud ServicesIT ServicesServer Solutions
Cost SavingsGovernance and ComplianceService, Support and Maintenance

Let’s break it down further.

  1. Cloud services

    RICOH'S cloud services have facilitated IT outsourcing over the last decade, via its colocation services, allowing businesses to forego in-house computer systems in favour of uploading data to remotely stored systems.

    We will manage the many complexities of your company's cloud computing fully, including the maintenance of your operating system and the installation of new software programs and security upgrades, in a managed cloud architecture.

    As a result, your employees will always have access to the most up-to-date software products, which will run on basic computers and portable devices.

  2. Cost savings

    Companies lose thousands of dollars per year due to stolen or lost computers in the form of lost workloads, intellectual property, and other data.

    With RICOH'S managed IT desktop service, data is housed in the cloud and can be easily restored. Furthermore, when changes to actual PCs are required, the IT department can take weeks to push out to the whole organization which can cost you a substantial sum.

    On the other hand, updates can be sent out to numerous PCs at the same time with a managed desktop IT service, saving time and money.

    Additionally, you can access a desktop over the cloud even on the road using a managed IT desktop service. Hence, even when working in the field, your staff can carry a desktop with them on their mobile devices.

  3. IT services

    Managed IT Desktop service providers help you in achieving your IT objectives, such as protecting your system against hackers, malware, and natural disasters.

    Apart from that, they can assist you in preparing for IT audits and improving the security of your IT infrastructure. A managed IT services provider can also plan and schedule upgrades to minimize downtime during business hours.

    Even more, RICOH has high-quality reporting and monitoring technologies at their disposal, which can spot problems with antivirus updates, Windows licensing, CPU and RAM, and networking in the early stages, preventing unnecessary IT downtime.

    With RICOH'S IP telephony services and VoIP, your voice communications will be simple, powerful, and flexible. Along with its voicemail to email feature, the platform offers unified messaging to ensures no calls are missed.

  4. Governance and compliance

    It may be difficult to follow all of the security compliance requirements on your own since there are so many.

    RICOH'S managed IT desktop service keeps your service up to date so you can always be compliant with consumer data.

    You won't have to wonder if you or another employee bothered to manually upload computer upgrades to keep your data secure any longer.

  5. Server solutions

    RICOH'S server management services guarantee that your physical or virtual server environment is stable, reliable, and improves your business performance by providing best practices and highly compliant IT services.

    Server Managed Services offer proactive server management, administration, operations, and monitoring to customers. RICOH'S Tier 3 Malaysia data centres are ISO9001, ISO27001, and PCI DSS certified, allowing you to host your infrastructures, such as networking or computing appliances.

    The Tier 3 data centres in Malaysia can survive various environmental system failures, such as power and cooling, to practically guarantee zero downtime, Disaster Recovery (DR), and Business Continuity (BCP).

  6. Service, support and maintenance

    RICOH's managed IT desktop support and maintenance services improve the performance, security, and reliability of your computers while freeing up your IT staff to focus on more strategic goals.

    They keep an eye on your computers at all times, do proactive maintenance, and manage security incidents and alerts.

    Remote desktop assistance, end-user support site, and real-time and historical data on the health of your desktop environment are all included in the service.


Most businesses find that starting small and expanding as they develop is the best way to go. Working with a cloud-managed service like RICOH allows you to easily scale up or down in response to demand.

For example, during the holiday season, a surge in consumer demands may need increased bandwidth. A managed service provider can assist you in meeting this need.

Overall, managed services make it easier to expand, upgrade, and implement cutting-edge technology.