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Infrastructure management

IT downtime is costly and disruptive to an organisation. A delay in resolving an issue can bring your business to a standstill.

Managing availability and performance of IT infrastructure – systems and voice environments – is critical. As well as the financial costs, downtime can impact employee engagement, supplier confidence and customer satisfaction.

Supported IT infrastructure

Ricoh IT infrastructure management covers server, storage and voice environments. We provide two levels of support to match your service and budget requirements, delivered at a predictable monthly rate.

Essential Management

Is a comprehensive monitoring and management service for organisations looking for extra support with their IT infrastructure management, within standard business hours.

Premium Management

Provides the highest level of service and proactive management, designed to optimise performance and availability of critical corporate IT systems, with 24x7 support for Priority 1 issues.

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Features and business benefits 

  • IT expertise available 24/7 for fast fault resolution
  • High level visibility
  • Reduce risk of security breaches or downtime
  • Reduce costs through trend analysis for growth and upgrade planning
  • Incident prevention and issues management through detailed performance monitoring and management of patches and security updates
  • Increase ROI by optimising IT performance 
  • Reduce carrier hassles with Ricoh as a single point of contact