Unlock Collaboration by
Connecting Different Components


Businesses often struggle to unlock collaboration across different components of their organisation, leading to inefficient processes and data silos. Without a unified platform, businesses are unable to streamline operations, and this leads to slower decision-making and higher costs.

Ricoh’s Business Application solutions expertise, focused around Microsoft’s Power Platform with Microsoft 365, Dynamic 365, and hundreds of other applications, provide the perfect solution to resolve these challenges. This helps businesses unlock collaboration across departments while enabling them to analyse data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents quickly and easily.

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Introducing Microsoft
Power Apps

Business adaptability, agility, and profitability are of utmost importance in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era, where having high-tech solutions to enhance business processes is more important than ever. However, organisations shouldn’t have to rely on cookie-cutter business solutions that may not be the right fit. Instead, your organisation needs purpose-fit solutions that not only differentiate it from competitors, it helps in achieving substantial operational, costs savings.

Enter Microsoft Power Apps: a market leader in the Low-Code/No-Code (LC/NC) platform market that empowers you to create powerful business solutions that meet your unique needs. By leveraging Ricoh’s expertise in manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, sales, distribution, and running a global enterprise, you can use Microsoft Power Apps to significantly speed up the purpose-fit application development processes. This allows you to rapidly create professional-grade apps that further elevate your business operations.

Benefits of Microsoft Power Apps


Solve business challenges

Build better solutions for expense approvals, leave approvals, time management, or field service applications when off-the-shelf solutions may be unfeasible.


Create apps with low or no coding required

Working with Ricoh ensures that building and designing your business solutions will be faster and easier, especially when compared to traditional development methods.


Integrate with the Microsoft stack

Full compatibility with other Microsoft tools and solutions, such as Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Excel, and other third-party services, as well as connectors for seamless integration to other platforms, ensures greater connectivity between data sources.


Access from mobile devices

Accessible on mobile devices or a web-based desktop browser, allowing employees to connect with you through the app anytime, anywhere.

Microsoft Power

Microsoft Power Automate


Enhance operational efficiency by freeing up employees for higher-value work, reduce costs across your business, and improve your return on investment. Achieve all these and more by leveraging Ricoh’s expertise and Microsoft’s easy-to-use applications with Microsoft Power Automate: a cloud-based tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks and optimise your workflow.


The four value pillars of Microsoft Power Automate:

Icon - Automation at scale 
Automation at scale
Icon - Seamless and secure integration 
Seamless and secure integration
Icon - Accelerated productivity 
Accelerated productivity 
Icon - Intelligent automation 
Intelligent automation

What are the benefits of Microsoft Power Automate?

  • Streamline everyday tasks
  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Automate tasks across business systems
  • Increase employee satisfaction and reduce human error
  • Save time with decision making
  • Use predefined templates to create a flow
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Move business data between systems on a schedule
  • Connect to more than 500 data sources or any publicly available API

Microsoft Power BI

Power Bi

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a data visualisation software suite that converts unrelated data sources into coherent, interactive insights. Unlock deeper insights at a glance and better understand the complete picture by leveraging Ricoh’s expertise in designing Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) logic and data visualisation through analytics and dashboards.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Power BI?

  • Access a wide-ranging suite of tools to suit unique needs
  • Bring data to life through interactivity
  • Improve your data security
  • Easily connect to many data sources
  • Meet compliance needs in data integration, processing, and presentation
  • Enhance processes with artificial intelligence
  • Constantly improving and updating

Microsoft Power Virtual

Power Virtual Agents


Respond to requests from customers and employees quickly and efficiently with intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) bots. With Microsoft Virtual Agents at your fingertips, deliver an enhanced customer and employee experience with quick and smart services from bots that speak natural, easily understood language.

How does it work?

  • Conversational AI bots respond to requests in place of human workers deployed across websites, mobile apps, and other platforms.
  • The AI simulates human reasoning to make predictions or take actions based on patterns in existing data through optical character recognition (OCR), image recognition, and virtual assistants.


How do you build it?

  • With Ricoh’s technology expertise and implementation tools, integrating AI into your applications and websites is easier than ever.
  • Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services comes with a series of APIs for Language, Speech, Vision, Search, and Knowledge application programming interfaces (APIs) that help you build intelligent applications and websites.
  • Representational state transfer (REST) APIs and client library source development kits (SDKs) also help developers implement this service into applications, even without AI or data science expertise.

What can you do with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents?

  • Identify and analyse content within images and videos
  • Improve the customer experience with Cognitive Service for Speech and Speech to Text
  • Understand conversations and unstructured text with Cognitive Service for Language
  • Detect anomalies and make smarter decisions faster

Why Ricoh?

Ricoh is a leading provider of digital services, process automation, and information management solutions designed to support digital transformation and optimise business performance. Backed by an 85-year history of cultivating knowledge and nurturing organisational capabilities, Ricoh empowers the creation of digital workplaces utilising innovative partners and technologies, providing the expertise and services that enable individuals to work smarter from anywhere.

How we create Workflow and Automation Solutions

Icon - advisory

Advisory and Design

We work with our customers to understand their business objectives and barriers.

Icon - build

Build and Deploy

We build the right solutions and successfully deploy to optimise adoption.

Icon - manage

Manage and Support

We manage and support the deployed solutions and tech environment proactively.

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