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Video Surveillance System

Present technology with cloud and artificial intelligence

AI is shaping the future with different vertical solutions that will enhance business operation, crime prevention and for better risk management

Artificial Intelligence

The AI technology is a software that does enhancement on top of existing network Video Surveillance System. Utilizing machine learning to capture data from the surrounding to be analyzed.


Cloud Surveillance Monitoring

Prevent recording malfunction and theft. Constantly knowing that the premise is monitored gives customers a peace of mind.


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Why choose Smart Surveillance.

  1. Metadata aggregator
    Process a variety of different types of metadata and perform meaningful comparisons to provide managers a clearer picture of their business
  2. Real time notification
    Keep track of the metrics important to you with real time updates
  3. Rule engine maker
    Platform can be customized according to personal habits and also integrate with third party systems
  4. End-to-end solution
    Incorporates cameras, analytics servers, and server to provide a complete solution capable of meeting all your needs
  5. Flexibility
    Choose from three forms: standalone, software based, and cloud based to meet the needs of any installation environment