Top Data Security Measures Every Business Needs

21 Sep 2022

A cursory research on the internet will show some alarming statistics around cyber security breaches and the need for cyber security solutions and cyber security services as a function for any enterprise. An Auth0 article lists three extremely startling numbers to consider.

  • Reported cybersecurity breaches are up 300% since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • At 15% of companies, more than a million files were accessible to every employee of the company.
  • Cybersecurity incident response plans are missing in 3 out of 4 companies.

When businesses examine all the vital data they hold electronically, from financial records to customers' sensitive information, it's not hard to understand why one breach may drastically damage the organization.

According to a survey from Statista, worldwide web users had 52 million data breaches in the second quarter of 2022.

Data Security: A Fundamental Necessity

Data security is constantly a trending topic since company data is so important.

Unfortunately, if businesses have anything valuable, theft attempts are very certain to occur, and that's why businesses need to think about cyber security services as a fundamental necessity and invest in cyber security solutions.

Organizations are often hacked, and priceless data is stolen. In particular, small-to-medium-sized businesses are frequently the target of cyber assaults and data theft. That is why getting cyber security services is the only option left for SMEs.

The Top 10 Data Security Measures for Every Business

1. Consider Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber security solutions and anti-malware programs are essential for safeguarding business data. They are made to stop, look for, find, and remove viruses as well as adware, worms, trojans, and other malware.

2. Install a Firewall

Firewalls are a crucial step to take into consideration when attempting to secure a company network with cyber security services. They are a must for any business since they manage the Internet traffic entering and exiting the establishment.

3. Create Secure Passwords

This first step is really simple to implement. To make a strong password, employees must combine capital letters, lowercase letters, digits, and symbols. It's best to enter more characters.

As a result, one must reset the password appropriately and refrain from entering the birthday or any other sensitive information.

4. Safeguard Each Laptop

Due to their portability, laptops are more likely to be stolen. As a result, it's critical to implement additional security measures, like cyber security solutions, to safeguard all computers.

Encrypting them is an easy fix. By doing this, the data on the company computer becomes unreadable if the wrong password is used.

Data in the cloud mockup

5. Safeguard Smartphone

Mobile phones carry all the sensitive information as employees log in to company email and store company sensitive information. Installing cyber security solutions to prevent data leaks after smartphone theft is crucial.

6. Set up Backups

Get a cyber security service that helps businesses take cloud backups and helps keep company data securely saved. Businesses may schedule backups to external hard drives or the cloud. While incremental backups should be performed every week, a company can also conduct them every few days.

7. Audits of Data Security

Companies should conduct security audits three to four times annually to find IT security flaws, which can be easily done with IT solution services. Unauthorized access can be avoided with the use of the ability to categorize and report weak areas.

An excellent alternative are external auditing firms, which are away from any potential prejudice an internal auditor could have. Cybersecurity audits are only one of the cyber security solutions offered by managed cyber security service providers to help shield businesses from cybercriminals.

8. Reduce Data Gathering

Even if one has secure IT solution services, the danger of a data breach increases as the company collects more sensitive data. The potential for attacks may be reduced by reviewing the data collection processes and ensuring businesses are not gathering any more sensitive data than necessary.

9. Email Security 

End-to-end encryption cyber security solutions are necessary for communications containing sensitive data. Attacks might target both internal and external communications. A possible security hole may be filled by ensuring that every piece of correspondence is safeguarded.

Paying online weith a credit card

10. Security of Payment

The business might be most affected by protecting online transactions, cardholder personal information, and payment information. 

Some cyber security services offer cryptographic protection of all aspects of online transactions with businesses. Some IT solution services offer encryption of cardholder data as it is entered into a browser along with scale payment tokenization.

Final Takeaways 

Data security measures like cyber security solutions are the most important aspect for every business that works with sensitive information of any size.

If your company's security posture does not currently include some of the steps above, get in touch with highly qualified cyber security solutions providers to advance security posture.