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Break from the herd with the new Ricoh Pro C7200, C7200x and C9200 series. Brighter, faster, more productive for less. Find out how we can help you tame downtime and maximise uptime in-house.

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Introduce yourself to the productive power, speed and intelligence of the Ricoh Pro C7200, C7200x and C9200 series.

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Switch up your colour capabilities to be better than ever with the single pass effects of white, clear, invisible red and neon colour inclusions in the Ricoh Pro C7200x series. Enjoy the unsurpassed image quality, outstanding registration and versatility of the Ricoh Pro C9200 Graphic Arts Edition series.

Pace and stride

Move jobs through at remarkable speed. Stretch efficiency gains further. Rapid fire output and an impressive spread of simplex and duplex long sheet capabilities across the range. Bring your jobs to a demo and see them alive and in action. 

Device ModelA4 Speed (IPM)Sheets per hour (A4)A3 Speed (IPM)Sheets per hour (A3)SRA3 Speed (IPM)Sheets per hour (SRA3)Specifications
Pro C7200SL / C7200 / C7200S / C7200X / C7200SX855,045492,910472,790Simplex (operating ratio 99%)
Pro C7210X / C7210SX955,640533,145502,970Simplex (operating ratio 99%)
Pro C92001156,640 to 6,910623,580 to 3,720593,405 to 3,545Simplex (operating ratio 96.3% to 100.2%)
Pro C92101357,800 to 8,110754,330 to 4,500714,100 to 4,265Simplex (operating ratio 96.3% to 100.2%)

Note: The maximum throughput shown per hour is calculated on all digital presses regardless of media weight. This table should be used as a guide and detailed information can be found in specific product's Customer Expectations Documents. The Pro C7200 series features 700mm auto duplex, 1030mm auto duplex on Pro C9200 series, and long sheet capabilities up to 1260mm simplex across the range.


Get the full story from one intelligent screen. Elevate your print function through the ultimate user experience. Remotely monitor the status of your jobs anywhere, at any time. The Android architecture of the touch screen enables swipe functionality for incredible convenience and ease-of-use.

Clickable Paper

Make every marketer your new best friend with Ricoh Clickable Paper. Intelligent software that turns paper into interactive experiences, without clunky QR codes. Connect print pieces to rich online media and prove how much impact paper has on campaign outcomes.

See the Pro C7200 in action.
See the Pro C9200 in action.

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