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    Unified Communication Solutions

    Unified communication technologies support collaboration and innovation in a world of mobile workplaces

    Our solutions unite voice, video, email and web for collaboration anytime, anywhere, on any device.

    Collaborate without boundaries with UCS

    Free yourself from travel, phone and web conferencing accounts and systems with a reliable simple solution for interactive meetings. Portable and professional.

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    Business benefits

    Seamless employee communication across platforms:

    1. Save money by reducing travel needs
    2. Stops time wasting with clunky communications systems
    3. Improves collaboration across multiple platforms

    Collaboration services

    Ricoh's suite of collaboration services – including IP telephony, messaging, and video technologies – can be integrated with your existing environment for a simple and scalable unified communications solution.

    You’ll benefit from:

    • a more productive workforce, with dispersed and mobile employees able to connect in an instant
    • a resilient collaboration solution, further improving staff productivity and reducing the IT administration hassles of remote and mobile employees
    • diverse communication channels that provide dynamic ways for employees to engage, improving communication and promoting innovation throughout the organisation.

    UCS Advanced

    Communicate with ease with our UCS Advanced Service. With this intuitive cloud‑based service, you can create your own video conference in moments from any device, on any network, from any location.

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