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RICOH Device Manager NX Lite

Help keep your print fleet running smoothly, reducing call outs andresponse times

A central point to manage your printers and devices. You’ll be able to betteranticipate any issues and collect data from a central location.

  • Automate the management of printers and multifunction printers
  • Configure multiple Ricoh printers at once
  • Reduce the need for printer-related support calls
  • Collect specific meter data for Ricoh devices
  • Supports up to 250 printers and multifunction devices

Improved printer and device management

Manage a fleet of Ricoh devices from one central location. With this softwaresolution you can address service issues and supply levels before they causeany problems. Meter data can be collected, even distinguishing the type ofdevice, such as whether it’s colour from black & white, and paper size printed.Automatically discover devices and group them. Create custom filters tosearch for and identify devices based on criteria.

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  1. Responsive monitoring
    Printer monitoring tracks toner and paper levels so you can anticipate serviceneeds
  2. Manage your fleet remotely
    Device cloning lets you export select settings across other printers. Performbatch configurations to save time
  3. Find devices without leaving your desk
    Display list lets you quickly navigate to a specific device, custom filters canquickly identify devices too
  4. Keep track of the details
    Collect a standard set of data for easy auditing, such as brand, model nameand serial number
  5. Detailed meter usage reporting
    Get meter data that distinguishes settings like colour, paper size and duplexuse