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PaperCut™ MF

Accessible and accountable printing that saves.

A simple software solution that’s designed to cut printing costs andwaste while charging printing costs to staff and students. PaperCut offerssimple and secure print release.

  • Hold everybody accountable with cost controls
  • Mobile printing management
  • Better understand your printing with online reporting
  • Assign print rules for better cost-effectiveness

Cut printing costs, minimise environmental impact

The goal of PaperCut is to cut printing costs simply, with a solution that’sembedded directly on multifunction devices. Benefit from better cost controland reduced waste, users enjoy more convenient printing. Set up print rulesto reduce colour use, enforce duplex printing, and then monitor and report onprinter use and environmental impact. User authentication makes sure everyprinted page is accounted for, so you can charge back costs.

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  1. Offer easy payment options
    Accept payment for printing with an online web cashier features that acceptsgateways like PayPal
  2. Mobile-friendly
    Support your BYOD environment with convenient printing that’s secure andmonitored
  3. Secure and authentic
    Users can access print controls only after entering a passcode or swiping anID card
  4. Reduce and monitor printing
    PaperCut MF can be integrated with platforms such as Windows and Appleenvironments for easy management