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Nuance® eCopy ShareScan

Cut out the doubling up of simple tasks by converting paperdocuments into searchable files, right at your multifunction device.

Digitise paper documents that are searchable and editable. Thenroute and file the electronic document automatically by detecting theinformation in the document.

Complete business processes all in one place: your multifunction device. It’ssimple interface is like using a smartphone, and saves the hassle of editingconverted forms on desktop.

Scan, convert and email PDFs

eCopy ShareScan automatically converts hard copy documents into PDF,Microsoft Word and Excel files. You can extract data from predefined fieldsand pass it to other applications. Route documents to email and folders, rightfrom the printer. It’s also able to be integrated with a wide range of contentmanagement systems, network folders, and more. Personalised scanningworkflows can be added for greater ease and functionality.

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  1. Turn paper into editable digital files
    Reliably convert paper documents into PDF and Word files that can besearched and edited
  2. Send it where you want
    eCopy will search through digital files to find key data from scanneddocuments and process them for you
  3. Easily file and find
    Documents will only print once a user is there to release it from the printer
  4. Integrate it with your preferred platform
    ShareScan’s customisable XML output enables integration with ERP, Oracleand other platforms
  5. Reliable and secure
    Audit trails, document tracking and file encryption keeps your informationsafe