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ABBYY Flexicapture

The easier way to find, collect and share information.

Process invoices quickly, validate purchase orders, and getapprovals over the line faster. ABBYY Flexicapturetakes all the information flowing into your organisation and extracts the data that needs to move into ERP workflows.

Data that’s handwritten can be identified and collected. Respond quicklyto vendors and customers and improve your cashflow.

Faster data flow, improved cashflow

Take all the data flowing into your organisation and use optical character recognition (OCR) software to identify information thatneeds to move into business processes. It extracts, classifies and servescritical data from incoming images, emails and document streams and sends them to the decision maker for faster approval. Handwriting fromcompleted surveys and application forms can be identified, savingtired eyes from doing the job manually.

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  1. The smart way to collect data
    Flexicapture has built-in supervisory, reporting and dashboard tools
  2. Keep data protected
    Confidential fields can be identified and hidden for safekeeping
  3. Intelligence built-in
    Detects the type of document, such as images or spreadsheets