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PreS Connect

Deliver cohesive communication to customers, for improved retention

Turn customer data into dollars and improve the cost of delivering communications. PreS Connect reduces the time needed to create and produce documents.

  • Reduce postage and paper costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Centralise management of communications
  • Build bridges between systems

Improve your communications, save money

Take all your documents, email and web pages and produce them more quickly. All your documents, whether they’re online or offline, are produced in one tool. Easily map and unify data for easier merging. Connect it with your existing systems, including ERP and CRM, and simplify data access for creating personalised documents.


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  1. Personalised printing
    Use personalised, dynamic layouts and graphics that reflects data
  2. Automated
    Archive files on a regular basis and send email alerts when documents are received
  3. Connected
    Merge to postal applications and add inserter control marks, for more efficient printing
  4. Data mapper
    Map data from multiple sources to create one unified data model
  5. More ways to connect with your customer
    Communicate with your customers with a combination of web, email and print