Workstyle for Now and Beyond

23 Aug 2017

Digital Workplace initiative helps organisations achieve business results and cultural change. It is about harnessing digital lifestyles, empowering performers, re-imagining the workplace and promoting collaborative ways of working.

It is not just a new buzzword but a very real situation if businesses want to stay relevant and competitive in present time right into the future. Imagine work happening whenever, wherever and however it needs to be, and the ability to collaborate with co-workers wherever they are, plus have real-time exchange of ideas and information. All these is possible when processes are streamlined using technology.

Ricoh is now ‘empowering digital workplaces’ through its Workstyle Innovation Technology. It is about everything and anything to do with improving workplaces using more technologies and services for working smarter. May it be Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy to support mobile workers; intention to put parts of one’s enterprise in the cloud; or even connecting and managing all your devices; all the way to IT peripherals and its usage – Workstyle Innovation encompasses all that and more for a company.

It is about capitalizing on the digital world. A world that is equipped with Intelligent Devices; it is flexible and fluid with Mobility; it embraces and molds with your Business Process; it can stay in the Cloud and not clog up your space; it can strengthen your organisation’s system as it creates a Connected Office; and finally, you don’t need to ring for help because of the Autonomous Support service.

Firstly, organisations must understand that there are three important elements for the change, which are People, Processes and Technology. Here are three key steps to transform your organisation into Digital Workplaces – Workflow, Workplace and Workstyle.


Businesses to maximise operational efficiency and minimise environmental impact by transitioning from traditional paper-based workflows to leaner, digital-first operations that can result in significant cost savings and improved operational efficiencies.

However, note that improving the management of business documents and information is more than simply implementing new underlying technologies. According to Ricoh, it is about understanding the needs of your industry and business, and your processes and people so that the suggested technology solution works in harmony with your environment.

This is where Ricoh looks into finding the right fit for your business. Ricoh starts off by understanding the requirements of the organization and then work on establishing the processes and trajectory that works best for the business.

Managed Document Services

Access information whenever and wherever needed. With Managed Document Services, comes effective document management and the implementation of new technology that are tailored to fit businesses, making an organization’s business ecosystem streamlined in a much orderly manner. By adapting and optimizing business processes, MDS covers the entire document lifecycle, including capture, management, output and archiving. Ricoh studies how businesses operate, understand user input and output behaviour, then apply technologies to maximise productivity which eliminate waste and costs.


Adopting Cloud Solution is also ideal. Public cloud solutions or private cloud? Take your pick. There is no doubt that many enterprises have jumped into the cloud. It is no longer Care Bears world. We are talking about companies using cloud for book keeping, accounting, invoicing, payments, communicating with employees and business partners, advertising and so much more. Example, with Ricoh ICE Solution, you have control over all your important documents, scanned and converted to editable files to your favourite choice of cloud services. Some of the benefits include:

  • Connect to a collection of cloud services directly from a compatible Multi-Functional Printer (MFP)
  • Cloud Scanning enables you to directly scan to a host of popular Cloud Services among the popular ones are the Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Evernote, OneDrive, Sharepoint and so on.
  • Print Cloud enables you to have a pull printing function allowing you to print your document through your mobile while ensuring security of data, especially when you have no access to a printer
  • It can be accessed from the operation panel of a compatible Ricoh Multi-Functional Printer


Now that you have your workflow in check, how do we ensure it becomes entrenched in the workplace? Let’s face it – most office spaces don’t come cheap. So shouldn’t it be Fully Equipped, Fully Utilised, and Fully Connected?

Configure and empower your workplace by streamlining your workflow and also equipping your space with the right tools. Ricoh advises that businesses must look into the requirements such as office space, workforce, and workflows required in order to stay connected with other offices, staff and clients. From there, Ricoh will then advise on the suitable fleet and devices.

Intelligent Devices

These days, hardware products are bursting with new engineering feats – from low to high-end printers and MFPs such as the RICOH MP 305+SPF and RICOH Pro C7100 series respectively. Ricoh’s large format Pro L4130/L4160 printers and MP306ZSPF Multi Function Printer boast USPs such as incredible speed, vibrant colours, energy-efficient; with some having the ability to produce oversize prints, printing on textured media and custom materials. More than just print function, it is installed with clever solutions such as Intuitive User Interface, Quick User Interface, Single Function Apps, Application Site, Authentication and more – all of which can be upgraded and improved to meet with times and requirements – it is a robust development platform.

Connected Office

We are on-the-go all the time – time is then of the essence. We want almost everything to sync in order for us to get things going with just a click. Imagine managing all your different devices from your tablet, printer, projector, and more from just one smart device. Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) allows people to work simultaneously through its Real-time Sharing feature, while the Unified Communication System (UCS) enables encrypted real time interactive audio and video transmission across multiple locations, and the Projector series make up the ‘Huddle Room’ concept – employees within or outside the workplace will be able to share ideas virtually, quickly and conveniently with enhanced and seamless communication.

Autonomous Support

We want our devices to be SMART. The ability to fix itself, to communicate and tell the user how it is feeling or performing. Our relationship with technology is certainly deeper as they are entrenched in our day to day activities. As it is smart to manage itself, it leaves us room to focus on other things that matters.


Finally, you have taken the necessary steps to introduce effective workflow and have incorporated the necessary equipment or tools for the workplace. With that, it should now transform your business workstyle.

To do so, Ricoh recommends the Ricoh Smart Device Connector. Like a magician at work, you can operate your multifunctional product, your projector, your Interactive White Board – basically all your Ricoh-enabled smart devices with a single scan or tap.


With everything in place, your business can adopt a mobile workforce, offering employees flexible working opportunities. Ricoh has the tools and expertise to enable your workforce to be productive and connected at the office, at home and on the go.

Example, with Bluetooth, NFC, or QR Code, companies can maximize mobile technologies like AirPrint – scan and print out your desired document even when you are not near the printing machine; Scan your document straight to any location; and more.

These three pertinent steps of Workflow, Workplace and Workstyle showcases Ricoh’s ‘Empowering Digital Workplaces’ value proposition of helping revolutionise the way businesses operate in the present and beyond.

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