When Size Matters

28 Jun 2016

Kuala Lumpur, 28 June 2016 – The mental image usually associated with Multi Function Printers, or MFPs, is the bulky and cumbersome contraption usually found in large offices or stationery shops. And really, one could be forgiven for thinking that the productive efficiency of these machines necessitates their immense proportions. While this may be alright in large offices, business with smaller offices or home that need such machines with similar efficiency are usually in a fix as they do not have the luxury of space.

Meanwhile, there has recently been a proliferation of budding entrepreneurs setting up their businesses in small offices, serviced offices, SOHO units or even in their homes, creating a greater need for smaller MFPs that perform as well as their larger counterparts.

Heeding this essential need, Ricoh - well known as a pioneer in office automation and solutions - has introduced the MP305+SPF Multi Function Printer. The MP305+SPF, as it is affectionately known, is a desktop sized hybrid black and white MFP which has A3 capabilities that blends functionality and aesthetic perfection, sans the “additional baggage”.

Where space is a valuable commodity, the MP305+SPF truly comes out tops. At just 350mm wide and 460mm deep, this little marvel draws more functionality from valuable office real estate, proving its reputation as a pioneer in its class. The MP305+SPF is the slimmest ever Ricoh hybrid MFP to also include copy, print, scan and fax functionalities. Belying its small dimensions, however, the MP305+SPF is still able to churn out more pages per minute when compared to bigger MFPs. It is also the most silent of all Ricoh’s MFPs.

“What truly sets the MP305+SPF apart from other printers that it perfectly synergises functionality, efficiency and space saving features, making it the ideal and affordable solution for small office spaces or even homes,” said Nick Tan, General Manager of Marketing for Ricoh Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

What also makes the MP305+SPF exceptionally amazing is that it features a Smart Operation Panel, which when paired with Ricoh Smart Device Connector, a free application for mobile devices, users can carry out a wide range of tasks directly from their smart device. They can submit documents for printing, even via WiFi or Bluetooth; scan copies of documents directly to their smart device or mailbox and send faxes. Users can even utilise the address book in their smart device to send copies of documents and fax messages directly to contacts.

The MP305+SPF comes standard with an improved level of security, while easing the work process with user card tagging printing profiles using the Quick Card Authentication function, which allows the profiles of up to 100 users. It is also an energy efficient workhorse resulting in reduced electricity costs and environmental impact. Users can even install additional solutions, such as monthly print tracking.

With the MP305+SPF, not only has Ricoh introduced the typically large MFPs to small offices and homes, but also done so without compromising on efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on more important matters.

“This is what we are all about at Ricoh, not so much delivering the latest technology, which we do, but looking at the bigger picture, we’re more about providing solutions that change and improve the way business is done,” said Nick Tan, General Manager of Marketing for Ricoh Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

And truly, given the continued growth of small businesses, technology such as the MP305+SPF is expected to see higher demand in the years to come, setting the trend for office automation solutions.

More information about the MP305+SPF can be obtained by visiting www.ricoh.com.my or calling 1-300-88-8228.


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