“RICOH360” is rebranded as a business service to make workplaces’ digitalization more efficient by handling 360-degree image data

10 Nov 2020

Supporting customers to achieve “Creativity from Work” by AI-based image enhancement technology and a new service for the AEC industry

TOKYO, November 10, 2020 – Ricoh today announced the industry’s only complete and affordable 360-degree image data service, rebranded as “RICOH360.” The service brings various workplaces greater efficiency. As part of the rebranding strategy, Ricoh applied its own AI-based 360-degree image enhancement technology into “RICOH360 Tours”—launched in July—to achieve a high-quality image using an automated process.

Ricoh’s AI-based image enhancement technology used in “RICOH360 Tours” provides users, for example, in the real estate sector, with a technology ecosystem that can create and deliver content automatically that is both visually appealing to the viewer and provides an accurate representation without the need to visit the property physically.

Ricoh also introduced a new “RICOH360 Projects”1 service for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry that provides efficient visual updates of project sites so various stakeholders, including those remote, can observe sites from any angle using spherical images.

“RICOH360” will continue to support worker’s creativity through business service that efficiently digitalizes information utilizing 360-degree image data and the latest AI-based image enhancement technology.

1 Available in Europe and United States in January 2021

About RICOH360

RICOH360 is a business-oriented service that digitalizes work and workplaces that use 360-degree image data more efficiently. Ricoh provides total experience from shooting to data utilization to streamline customer’s workflows based on its rich experience with 360-degree image data. Ricoh improves the overall workflow by providing a standardized user experience (UX) tailored to the user’s needs and functions that facilitate efficient post-shooting processing.For further details, visit https://www.ricoh360.com/

About AI-Based Image Enhancement Technology for 360-degree images

A shot taken with a spherical camera has a full 360° view, allowing users to view the image from any angle but can often suffer from image degradation when enlarged. Ricoh’s AI-based image enhancement technology was developed by comparing RICOH THETA’s 360° images with Ricoh’s high-quality GR Series digital compact camera images. This technology dramatically improves image quality by correcting resolution, noise, and chromatic aberration for the entire 360° image. For more details, please refer to the following page:https://www.ricoh360.com/tours/features/image-enhancement

About RICOH360 Projects

Digitize the whole construction site with 360° images. RICOH360 Projects brings efficiency to the construction teams, where collaboration among various stakeholders is critical. This service supports the full lifecycle of construction activities, including sharing the site survey information, the progress in a timeline, and discussing the safety on your job site. RICOH360 Projects is designed for AEC clients who have been using our data services that have served for more than 7,000 enterprises, backed up by the RICOH THETA camera and technologies.