Introducing Ricoh's All New IM Series - Scalable.Secure.Sustainable.Simple.

16 May 2019

Subang Jaya, 16 May 2019 – Ricoh Malaysia today unveiled its latest range of IM (Intelligent Machine) series of Multi Function Devices. This new series boasts a host of features and attributes set to galvanise the industry with its Dynamic Workplace Intelligence – a scalable yet affordable platform comprising of intelligent technology and support, smart solutions and advanced applications with one aim in mind – to boost productivity while helping organisations to transform into a digital workplace by managing and converting information into intelligence with cutting-edge technology.

This includes Ricoh’s propriety Always Current Technology. Just introduced this year, Ricoh’s Always Current Technology allows users and organisations to update device software quickly, efficiently and easily to enjoy the benefits of latest functionalities, technologies, and features, regardless of when the device was purchased or how long they have had it, making issues associated with bug repairs a thing of the past.

More importantly, the technology also ensures that devices are always protected with latest security features. Moreover, the technology also enables secure access to data while ensuring that built-in security features and products do not hinder business innovation, functionality or productivity.

“At Ricoh, we understand that copiers, printers and multifunction devices are essential for any business. With work styles and technology evolving so rapidly, our customers constantly seek improvements, new functions and enhancements to help improve productivity and efficiency,” said Alice Lee, Managing Director of Ricoh Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

“Being industry leaders, we understand that enhancements take time for research, design and manufacture, which means customers might have to wait for new enhancement. This is where Ricoh’s Always Current Technology comes in as a game-changer, delivering timely solutions to solve business needs,” she added.

Productivity with Ricoh’s new IM series is further enhanced with a new user interface and Smart Operating Panel (SOP). This is further enhanced with Ricoh’s Innovative Application, EZ Plus 2.0. In its very essence, Ricoh’s EZ Plus 2.0 enables you to create fully customised printed materials and make edits using the wide range of tools from the application.

Designed for simple and easy integration into any office and business environment, Ricoh’s EZ Plus 2.0 has created smarter and more convenient ways to work through 2 main applications, the EZ Doc and EZ Creative. EZ Doc is an app to rebuild, recreate, and refurnish any document. EZ Creative allows you to design and personalise your document within a single operation.

The new device also has Ricoh Smart Integration, which is a platform that provides cloud-based applications and workflow integration that are available in Ricoh’s Application Site. It allows users to perform scanning with e-storage available on cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Office 365 (Sharepoint) for workflow convenience; enabling users to access their documents anytime, anywhere.

Meanwhile, users can choose between a default copy mode or an all-view copy mode which also features movie and video guidance. For instance, when the toner is running low or out, a message featuring a “play movie” will pop up, which users can activate to play a video to understand the steps in changing toners easily and in a foolproof manner.

The powerhouse of Ricoh’s new Intelligent Machines also features dynamic improvements to its hardware systems which further complement increased productivity at the workplace. This is made possible through faster scan speeds, an improved CPU and improved usability of machine operation, for instance, easy replacement of parts with plug and play support, higher toner yield and a tiltable user interface screen. This user interface offers smart and quick navigation with the ability to customise the layout to best suit one’s needs.

Additionally, the new IM series will also feature small size paper scan support, which facilitates the scanning of cheques, for instance, and a host of other available and optional features which include internal folding and double-sided scanning.

Ricoh’s new IM series – an industry first which will spearhead the development of further models in the future, was officiated today in a special Buka Puasa preview event which also featured a showcase of Ricoh’s IM C series launch with members of the media. Held in Subang Jaya, the event also featured a 15-foot showcase truck, specially decked with facilities to showcase and demonstrate Ricoh’s all new IM series, where event participants could get a personal in depth look into Ricoh’s IM series.

Members of the public too, can look forward to catching the truck in various locations around the Klang Valley in a special roadshow to further promote Ricoh’s industry-leading IM series of devices and its features.“Scalable. Secure. Sustainable. Simple. These are the driving forces behind our all new IM series. When we develop our products, we do so with the end-result in mind – increasing productivity without compromising on security and safety. This enables us to directly influence and complement the way business is conducted, in creative and innovative ways, which were never thought to be possible previously,” said Lee.

Recognised the world over as a game changer in the technological solutions arena in line with its “Imagine. Change” philosophy, Ricoh has indeed contributed significantly to technological advancements in the workplace, allowing business owners to streamline processes while yielding greater productivity. Among its notable contributions to business and workplaces in recent times include thought leadership and expertise in document management solutions, information technology services, commercial and industrial printing, cameras and optical devices, as well as industrial systems.

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