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Ricoh’s Workplace Insights allows businesses to monitor and improve how their workplace is being used. This can help businesses to identify and correct ineffective behaviours, improve collaboration, and even reduce costs.

With this tool, businesses can better understand how their workplace is being used and make necessary adjustments to improve efficiency and productivity.

Optimise Your Workplace
Through Actionable

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Offices are the second-highest cost to business after staff. However, it is impossible to know if you are making the right decisions and receiving the expected ROI without understanding your office and how it is currently utilised.

RICOH Spaces uses multiple data sources, including IoT sensor technology, to provide clear insights into your space usage, showing you which areas are fully utilised or not being used to their potential.

Armed with this data, you can make cost-saving decisions, such as freeing up underutilised space for new occupants or shutting down extra floors when occupancy is forecast to be underutilised.

Leverage RICOH Spaces Analytics

We provide multiple real-time reports via the built in dashboard to help understand your current workplace usage and gain insights on how your workplace is performing. This includes:

  • Utilisation

  • Check-in rates

  • Space compatibility

  • Most-used spaces

  • Organisation-wide statistics.

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Get the Full Picture

Understand your organisation with multiple reports built based on our customers’ needs. RICOH Spaces uses multiple data sources, including IoT sensor technology, to provide clear insights into your space usage — allowing you to optimise your workspaces.

Bring all data sources into analytics, including:


Room booking data (from Office 365 or Google Workspace)


Desk booking data


Visitor data


Occupancy sensor data


Air quality sensor data


Service request data.

Dynamic Workplaces Require Accurate,
Up-to-Date Utilisation Data


Subscribe to the data that you need, when you need it. Get alerts from key metrics on any dashboard, enabling you to understand what is happening without having to check.

With Workspace Insights, you can drill into any metric and see the source data to learn how the results are calculated. Use our self-serve analytics with any of our dimensions and metrics to build your own dashboards and visualisations. The tool also allows you to send your data to multiple sources, including:

  • Email

  • Webhook

  • Amazon S3 bucket

  • SFTP

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