Internet of Things


The latest IoT technology can help your business gain real-time data about your spaces. This data is integrated into workplace reporting, providing insights about booked vs actual trends and trends over time. With a huge range of possibilities, we can tailor IoT solutions to your specific needs.


Internet of things

Enhance Your Workplace
with AI-Powered IoT

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There are now hundreds of workplace sensors available, which often need separate vendor onboarding approaches, install arrangements, and then require analytics to be viewed in isolation.

RICOH Spaces can offer a range of IoT sensors, leveraging our partnership with key vendors in the marketplace, as well as providing:

  • Expert advice and guidance on the right IoT sensor to suit your needs

  • Installation — or you can choose to install the options yourself

  • Seamless integration with RICOH Spaces

  • Consultancy, training, and support.

Here are some of the features and benefits you can expect from leveraging an AI-powered sensor:

Low cost

Low-cost deployment

Secure data

Secure data

Data Accuracy

Over 95% data accuracy

Battery life

2-year battery life

Monitor Workplace Utilisation in Real-Time with IoT Sensors

Dynamic workplaces require accurate, up-to-date utilisation data. With integration to Office 365, we can provide you with the expected usage of your workplace. IoT sensors use real-time data to help you provide visibility in answering key questions, such as:

  • How your desks, rooms, and spaces are used compared with booked data

  • Meeting rooms which are booked longer than required

  • How efficiently your spaces are booked. For example, a meeting for 2 people in a 10-person meeting room.

The IoT sensors help provide additional analytics and functionality within RICOH Spaces. RICOH Spaces works without sensor technology but is enhanced with them.

We provide the additional functionality of:

  • True in-meeting and desk head counts

  • Auto-cancellation of resources when not in use

  • Temperature and air quality readings

  • Real-time capacity limitations

  • Storage for IoT reporting.

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View and Access Data From a Single Source of Truth

RICOH Spaces can integrate data from multiple IoT sensors in a single dashboard, providing one single source of truth.


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