The Road Forward

by Kei Uesugi17 Apr 2023

I want my teams across Asia Pacific and Latin America to co-create new solutions and services that address the latest customer needs in the market.  That means creating strong relationships with you and your employees.

The world is an ever-changing place. During the past few years businesses across the world have seen significant changes in the economy, politics, technology, and how people work. 

Ricoh has a long history of combining people, process and technology to solve customer problems. The never-before-seen changes in the world have caused Ricoh to re-think our mission to our customers. We need to realign our mission to focus on our customers and their careabouts in their specific businesses. We need to help businesses like yours create a workplace that will optimize business achievements while providing a workplace that can support your employee’s needs. 

Kei Uesugi Kei Uesugi

We call this objective; “Fulfillment Through Work”. Our new mission and vision is to enable our customers to provide their employees fulfillment through work opportunities to drive their own success. Employees that are offered challenges in their workplace get a feeling of fulfillment, and are more productive in their day-to-day responsibilities. Fulfillment through work encourages creativity and drives employee satisfaction. Ricoh can empower your employees by understanding their key care bouts, and unleash their potential and creativity to realize a sustainable future both personally as well as in their career.

Over the past few years Ricoh has aggressively digitally transformed our own business to develop areas of expertise in the following areas; Building a Hybrid Workplace, Providing Digital Workflow Automation capabilities, and supporting customers Cloud & IT infrastructure needs with both physical and cyber security services. This portfolio of technology and services has enabled us to become a leading Customer Oriented Service Provider in Asia Pacific and Latin America.

We are constantly expanding our capabilities, combining our own research and development with partners across the globe to design new services that address the latest business challenges and careabouts that are existing in the market.

Ricoh has been a technology innovator and integrated services provider for 80+ years, let us help you get a clear understanding of your business challenges and work together to enable fulfillment through work at your company.


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Corporate Director
Managing Director of Ricoh Asia Pacific & Latin America