How do I Choose a Managed Print Services (MPS) Provider?

06 Dec 2021

Finding the ideal managed print solution for your company's needs can be difficult, especially when every vendor claims to be the best. That is why, even before looking for a MPS, you must do a thorough study and due diligence.

Take the time, for example, to assess your present workplace print environment and determine where your priorities lie. Now, before you select an MPS, make sure they have everything you need to begin a fantastic partnership.

Here are important elements to look for when choosing a Managed Print Service Provider.

  1. In-Depth Print Analysis

    The free print analysis is the first step in selecting a Managed Print Services provider. A thorough, in-depth analysis provides your vendor with the information they need to create a tailored solution that adds value to your company.

    Enquire with your vendor about the sort of data gathered throughout this process and how they intend to use it to establish a strategy for boosting business office equipment efficiency. It takes extensive data collection to develop a thorough plan for managing your print fleet.

  2. A Track Record of Success

    Enquire about former customers. Can they give you testimonials from other companies that you can trust? Before you sign an agreement, find out what others are saying about your prospective Managed Print Services company — reputation is everything in the managed print market.

    You may discover that, while a vendor talks the talk, it continually fails to deliver genuine value to its consumers. It may be more interested in replacing your print fleet with its own devices than in assisting you in making the most use of those devices.

  3. Demonstrated Success Improves Document Workflow

    A subset of the track record enquiry is how the vendor intends to improve document workflows in your organization.

    Keep in mind that Managed Print Services include more than just your print fleet. This can and should be a thorough method to document cost control. This strategy can take a variety of shapes.

    For example, you may be particularly interested in selecting a supplier capable of transitioning important procedures to paperless workflows. If you can save money by printing less, your Managed Print Services supplier should tell you and assist you in accomplishing that objective.

  4. Integration with Cloud Applications

    One of the most significant improvements in the print business in recent years has been the ability to remotely view, edit, and print documents from cloud storage platforms. This empowers remote staff while reducing the pressure on in-house IT infrastructure.

    Enquire with your vendor whether it supports cloud printing, and if so, what equipment it employs and which cloud storage systems the equipment is compatible with. Make an extra effort to re-check this with the cloud service provider.

  5. Security

    Today's network-enabled printers pose a significant cybersecurity risk. If you haven't already included your print fleet in your cybersecurity strategy, now is the time.

    Fortunately, an MPS vendor can handle your cybersecurity problems. Choosing a vendor that provides complete security solutions like printer hard disk encryption, frequent firmware verification, and regular print security audits can help secure sensitive data from both internal and external threats.

  6. Feedback and Review

    Is there a method in place for your Managed Print Services provider to assess and improve its services? Managed print is not a set-and-forget operation. It must be tweaked and fine-tuned over time to generate savings far into the future.

    Continuous improvement aids in the development of future-proof procedures that can be relied on to expand in tandem with your organization.

The Bottom Line

Choosing an MPS provider who has the necessary equipment, skills, and experience to deliver value can be a significant step toward decreasing printer waste and inefficiencies in your business.

RICOH's Managed Print Services (MPS) offers a specialized strategy that analyzes your organization's document handling procedures and workflows. We support you in transforming how you handle information to boost productivity, uncover the value in your data, and save expenses.