MP W8140SP

MP W8140SP

The MP W8140SP is a wide format MFP with an A1 copy speed of 14 copies per minute (cpm). It comes with integrated print, copy, and scan functionality, and provides an impressive 600 dpi print image quality.

The scanning unit of the MP W8140SP can be separated from the print engine, allowing more people to work with the device simultaneously.

It offers maximum productivity and high reliability for the specific wide format market, primarily targeting Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), Geographic Information System (GIS), and manufacturing companies.

The MP W8140SP is also ideal for mid- and high-volume customers within the Print For Pay (PFP) and Central Reprographic Department (CRD) segments.

Paper Cassette CT6510

Optional 2-tray paper feed unit that increases the paper capacity of the device.

Capacity: 500 (2 x 250) sheets
Note: Measured with 64–81 g/m2 paper weight.
Paper size: A24–A2
Paper weight: 64–110 g/m2
Dimensions (W x D x H): 1,014 x 644 x 236 mm
Weight: 38 kg or less

Cannot be installed with Roll Feeder Unit RU6540
Paper Cassette CT6510
Original Hanger

Holds up to 100 originals on the front of the device for easy feeding of originals when copying or scanning.

Dimensions (W x D x H): 244 × 135 x 528 mm
Weight: 2.0 kg

Roll Feeder Unit RU6540

Increases the roll capacity from standard 2 rolls to 4 rolls total.

Number of paper rolls: 2 rolls

Paper roll size:
914 mm x 15,000 mm—for MP W7100SP
914 mm x 30,000 mm—for MP W8140SP
210 x 210 mm

Paper roll width: 210, 257, 297, 364, 420, 440, 490, 515, 594, 620, 625, 660, 680, 707, 728, 800, 841, 880, 914 mm
Paper roll length: 200 metres
Paper position: Centre
Paper roll diameter: 175 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D): 1,124 x 369 x 236 mm
Weight: 36 kg or less

Cannot be installed with Paper Cassette CT6510
Roll Feeder Unit RU6540
Roll Holder Type A

Attached to both ends of a paper roll to provide additional flange inserts that grip the paper roll and mount it in the paper roll tray.

Dimensions (W x D x H): 1,049 x 160 × 160 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg

Original Tray Type G
Used for stacking originals that consist of many sheets.
Multi Stacker Type 7140

Can be attached either at the front or rear of the device to stack a large number of copies or originals. 

Dimensions (W x D x H) 788 x 790 x 890  mm
Weight: 16.4 kg

Browser Unit Type M14

Enables to display information obtained from server applications on the operation panel of network devices as web pages. The device browser enables a server application and device to communicate, allowing scanned data to be sent to the server application, where the user can perform various operations.

OCR Unit Type M2
Scans and creates editable text files from hardcopy originals via Optical Character Recognition. Enables the creation of searchable PDF documents at the MFP.
PrintCopy Tool

Software that works with Ricoh wide format devices to help manage the printing and copying of large drawings, plans, maps, and other technical documents.

By choosing this option the PrintCopy Tool Option Type D 2019 will be added to the configuration.
PrintCopy Tool Option Type D 2019

A utility that enables centralised management of vast amounts of references and drawings. Allows for use of DWG, DXF, and DWF formats.

By choosing this option the PrintCopy Tool will be added to the configuration.
SD Card for NetWare printing Type M14
Provides embedded printing capability to the copier. Includes printer option, TIFF/GL filter, and VM Java card.
Optional Counter Interface Unit Type M12

Used with external third party counting devices for accounting and charge-back purposes.

DataOverwriteSecurity Unit Type H
Erases the temporary data on the hard disk drive. For customers who require ISO 15408 certification prior to the printer or MFP system being IEEE 2600.1 certified.
IEEE 802.11a/g/n Interface Unit Type M2
Enables WiFi connectivity and wireless printing.

Standard inclusions

  • 9" tiltable colour touch screen
  • 2-roll feeder + Bypass tray
  • 320 GB HDD
  • 2.5 GB RAM
  • Integrated printer and scanner
  • 1,200 dpi colour scanning

Current configuration

MP W8140SP
1250 mm x755 mm x1193 mm (W x D x H)
295 kg
Selected Options:
    MP W8140SP

    {"configuratorid":"97767616-2782-4c69-9055-c7f878422a5e","productid":"1a74287e-e1d4-41c5-b567-cadab191cba6","edpcode":"417287","productdisplayname":"MP W8140SP","width":1250.0,"height":1193.0,"depth":755.0,"weight":295.0,"mainframe_imageurl":"-/media/all-regional/images/product-images/commercial-and-industrial-printing-solutions/cad-wide-format/417287/configurator/mpw8140sp-mainframe.jpg?dmc=0&hash=887589973811FC8C0020F6378C6EA503","configurator_hash":"1c5e082e-19ec-4f47-814e-13b69022c740","options":{"417296":{"edpcode":"417296","displayname":"Paper Cassette CT6510","extras":[],"width":1014.0,"height":236.0,"depth":644.0,"weight":38.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"413717":{"edpcode":"413717","displayname":"Original Hanger","extras":[],"width":244.0,"height":528.0,"depth":135.0,"weight":2.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"417293":{"edpcode":"417293","displayname":"Roll Feeder Unit RU6540","extras":[],"width":1124.0,"height":236.0,"depth":369.0,"weight":36.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"410844":{"edpcode":"410844","displayname":"Roll Holder Type A","extras":[],"width":1049.0,"height":160.0,"depth":160.0,"weight":1.5,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"410842":{"edpcode":"410842","displayname":"Original Tray Type G","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"406305":{"edpcode":"406305","displayname":"Multi Stacker Type 7140","extras":[],"width":788.0,"height":890.0,"depth":790.0,"weight":16.4,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"417300":{"edpcode":"417300","displayname":"Browser Unit Type M14","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"416604":{"edpcode":"416604","displayname":"OCR Unit Type M2","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"415873":{"edpcode":"415873","displayname":"PrintCopy Tool","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"409414":{"edpcode":"409414","displayname":"PrintCopy Tool Option Type D 2019","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"417301":{"edpcode":"417301","displayname":"SD Card for NetWare printing Type M14","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"417111":{"edpcode":"417111","displayname":"Optional Counter Interface Unit Type M12","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"416373":{"edpcode":"416373","displayname":"DataOverwriteSecurity Unit Type H","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"416572":{"edpcode":"416572","displayname":"IEEE 802.11a/g/n Interface Unit Type M2","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false}},"rules":[{"condition":{"condition_name":"TrueCondition","trigger_options":["417296"]},"actions":[{"action_name":"ExcludeOptionAction","affect_to_options":["417293"],"should_validate_after_excute":false,"excludes":["417293"]}]},{"condition":{"condition_name":"TrueCondition","trigger_options":["417293"]},"actions":[{"action_name":"ExcludeOptionAction","affect_to_options":["417296"],"should_validate_after_excute":false,"excludes":["417296"]}]},{"condition":{"condition_name":"TrueCondition","trigger_options":["415873"]},"actions":[{"action_name":"RequireOptionAction","affect_to_options":["409414"],"should_validate_after_excute":false,"requires":["409414"]}]},{"condition":{"condition_name":"TrueCondition","trigger_options":["409414"]},"actions":[{"action_name":"RequireOptionAction","affect_to_options":["415873"],"should_validate_after_excute":false,"requires":["415873"]}]}],"affect_group":[["417296","417293"],["413717"],["410844"],["410842"],["406305"],["417300"],["416604"],["415873","409414"],["417301"],["417111"],["416373"],["416572"]],"preselect_configs":{},"min_config":{"must_select_at_least_one_option":false,"requires":[],"requireones":[]}}