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Oricoh EZCreate

Oricoh EZCreate is a web-based application that simplifies the process of creating, printing and publishing materials. It allows anyone to create professional looking publications such as brochures by simply replacing the sample text and images in the provided templates that have been created by professional graphic designers.


The materials can then be printed on demand with a Ricoh MFP, viewed on smart devices, or published directly on the web for easy distribution.



  • Publications Creation – Users can create publications easily with sample templates and tools provided. 
  • Smart Integration – Oricoh EZCreate provides smart integration in three ways:
  1. MFPs: Completed publications on the web portal are synchronized and reflected in real time to Ricoh MFPs. Users can access their materials directly from the MFP and print on demand.
  2. Smart Devices: With a unique URL, created digital publications can be browsed and flipped through just like a printed handout on compatible PC, smartphone and table platforms
  3. Websites: Oricoh EZCreate can publish digital materials directly to websites created with Wordpress, Joomla! And etc. 
  • Save the cost of outsourcing design jobs
  • Save time from having to conduct multiple revisions with design company
  • Intuitive controls eliminate the need for specialized design software skills to produce materials
  • Software can be synchronized to a compatible Ricoh MFP to print brochures on demand, reducing cost and preventing wastage
  • Brochures can be published directly to a website for easy sharing
  • Digital brochures can be browsed directly on smart devices to reduce the amount of physical handouts