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InfoPrint 5000 Multi-Purpose Platform (Color)

MC1/MC2: Full-color printing up to 210 feet/min or 64 meters/min
MD3/MD4: Monochrome printing up to 420 feet/min or 128 meters/min
XR3: On-demand MICR printing up to 420 feet/min or 128 meters/min
• Multi-purpose platform designed to ease the transition to inkjet technology
• Monochrome and MICR with option to convert to full color
• Choice of configurations and fluids that can be changed in the future


Up to 420 feet/min,

128 meters/min
2-up Duplex Throughput
Up to 1,832 ltr imps/min

1,724 A4 imps/min
Maximum Resolution
720 × 720 dpi2

1,440 dpi effective resolution
Exclusive Imaging Technology
2 bits per spot

Stochastic screening

Dynamic variable drop size for every point on a page
Compatible Inks
CMYK dye*


*Technology is capable of CMYK pigment
Multiple partners provide a variety of unwind, rewind, cut, fold, dynamic perforation, vision systems, and inline processing, including a solution for books.
Web Width
6.4"/165 mm to 20.4"/520 mm paper
1. Exact speed varies depending on printer settings, document complexity, system configuration, software application, system environment, driver and printer state.
2. 720x720 dpi available with high resolution feature.