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InfoPrint 5000 General Production Platform

Continuous Form Colour Printing

Extreme flexibility and versatility

The InfoPrint® 5000 General Production Platform (GP) is designed for environments with tight print windows and requirements for diverse media and stringent color quality. A very versatile platform, the GP models offer optional integrated or on-demand MICR for color or monochrome jobs. The speed of all models can be upgraded in the field.


  • Rely on proven inkjet technology - systems are in production around the world
  • Expand color possibilities with PANTONE® PLUS certification
  • Get MICR support in color or monochrome configurations, with PostScript, PDF, or AFP / Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™) using the GP alone or paired with the InfoPrint 5000 Multi-Purpose Platform (MP) MICR model
  • Improve accuracy of print job estimates and monitor ink usage with the ink management suiteGain page-level error recovery and accurate, consistent, device-independent output thanks to built-in Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) print architecture


* Exact speed varies depending on printer settings, document complexity, system configuration, software application, system environment, driver and printer state. Printer images may depict the installation of additional feature(s) which are offered at additional charge(s).

InfoPrint 5000 General Production Platform (GP)

Expand color offerings with confidence

The InfoPrint 5000 GP is designed as a midrange volume solution for environments with varying requirements that may include tight print windows, diverse media and stringent color quality.


The GP models support a range of speeds, and all are fi eld upgradeable. Track operational aspects of the InfoPrint 5000 through powerful tools such as InfoPrint Productivity Tracker and InfoPrint Ink Suite, a set of ink management tools. Expand color possibilities with PANTONE® PLUS certifi cation, and an ever-increasing range of supported media types.


The built-in AFP architecture, which is designed for high-speed printing, can provide accurate, consistent, device-independent output with page-level error recovery for monochrome and color output.


Customize your solution with MICR

Opt for integrated or on-demand MICR with color or monochrome, available from innovative model pairings of specifi c GP and InfoPrint 5000 Multi- Purpose Platform (MP) models. One confi guration provides on-demand MICR with color in Adobe® PDF/ PostScript® environments, using a new feature for specifi ed color support. Another confi guration provides monochrome with On-Demand MICR in AFP environments, using the Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™), in a compact footprint that delivers very high throughput.


Another configuration combines two GP color engines and a third engine, such as the InfoPrint 5000 MP MICR. This space-optimizing U confi guration features face-to-face displays to maximize operator convenience.


Broaden media handling capability


GP models support high throughput with excellent media handling capabilities. Many stocks can be run at 96 meters per minute, instead of a lower speed, as a result of adjustments in ink drying time.


Some specialty papers that are heavy, light, treated or coated may need extra drying time. For these jobs, consider adding the optional Extended Media Dryer feature. With this fi eld upgrade, you can attract new clients who are looking for high-quality digital book production, customer communications, Precision Marketing, direct mail and other applications. The Extended Media Dryer feature works with printers using pigment or dye inks, so customers using either ink can diversify offerings and meet a wide range of requirements.


The Extended Media Dryer feature minimizes energy consumption in two ways. InfoPrint 5000 inks contain less water than many other inks so less energy is required to remove moisture. In addition, the dryer runs in on-demand mode for special applications and media types, unlike dryers that run full time for all papers.


Produce outstanding halftones

Images and grayscales in complex jobs, like books, can pose a quality challenge, especially when light tints are involved. Enhanced halftones on the GP KM3 monochrome model improve halftone quality while the printer is running at top speed.