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Ricoh Makes EZ as Easy as It Gets


Shah Alam, 22 June 2018 – Technology and innovation have greatly revolutionised the way companies conduct businesses. While making processes quicker and more efficient, technology has also allowed businesses, especially smaller businesses and SMEs to level the playing field with larger, more established corporations. More businesses in recent times have looked into implementing new and improved technology in their planning process for streamlined integration and to make room for future expansion. This has allowed business owners to positively impact their operating costs, improve communication, increase productivity and broaden their customer base.


This paradigm shift among businesses has spurred players specialising in the technological and innovation arena to up their game to provide the most cutting edge solutions for businesses to thrive.


Among them is Ricoh. Recognised the world over as a game changer in the technological solutions arena in line with its “Imagine. Change” philosophy, Ricoh has contributed significantly to technological advancements in the workplace, allowing business owners to streamline processes while yielding greater productivity. Among its notable contributions to business and workplaces in recent times include thought leadership and expertise in document management solutions, information technology services, commercial and industrial printing, cameras and optical devices, as well as industrial systems.


Now, in its pursuit of continuous innovation and commitment towards Empowering Digital Workplaces, Ricoh has once again transformed business practices with the EZ Plus. In its very essence, Ricoh’s EZ Plus is a collection of applications embedded with Ricoh’s Multi Function Devices (MFD) with the second generation Smart Operation Panel (SOP).
Designed for simple and easy integration into any office and business environment, Ricoh’s EZ Plus has created smarter and more convenient ways to work by providing a total of 13 applications with useful features that enhance default MFD functions while addressing diverse needs of today’s connected society.


Among the remarkable apps provided under the EZ Plus, is the EZ Masking application which allows users to mask out sensitive information on hardcopy documents before passing it on to other parties. The receipt scan feature allows the scanning of all odd-sized receipts in one go while the image EZ Image Divider app enables users to scan different IDs or documents in one go and print them out individually. Another nifty application is the EZ Logo Insertion app which enables the insertion of logos or headers into copy documents. All of these are easily done directly from the Smart Operation Panel of the Multi Function Devices (MFD),


One environment where the EZ Plus truly shines through is its usefulness in the classroom, especially in the pre-school and early childhood education arenas. Ricoh’s EZ Plus features four distinct applications (EZ Trace, EZ Picture Colouring, EZ Single Colour Removal and EZ Book Cover Maker) to help educators and classroom facilitators not only speed up, but more effectively conduct classroom activities, assisted by cutting edge technology presented by Ricoh’s EZ Plus.
Among these is the EZ Trace application which can lighten image colours, making it easy for educators and facilitators to create copybooks and worksheets to aid lesson plans. This is particularly useful in creating writing practice papers, or for use in basic language practices, such as writing.


The EZ Picture Colouring application, on the other hand, makes it easy to create colouring activities for pre-schoolers using just about any image, which can be imported by a USB device or SD card, by retaining the image outline, enabling the areas within the image to be coloured in by students.


The EZ Single Colour Removal application allows users to remove a single colour from an original document or image while the EZ Book Cover maker application enables users to create personalised book covers, which can be used to protect or beautify student workbooks.


“Today’s technology has enabled us to break the limits and boundaries of in the field of education, even in the pre-school and early childhood development segment of education, as we can see with the applications in the EZ Plus. They allow teachers, educators and facilitators to prepare lesson plans and create classroom learning material with ease, leaving them more time to personally attend to their students,” said Alice Lee, Managing Director of Ricoh (M) Sdn Bhd.


“However, the extended benefits of Ricoh’s EZ Plus extends far beyond the classroom because its use and plethora of application uses is usable in just about any field or industry. It’s just limited by our imagination. What the EZ Plus provides are tools – to empower users. Users can use these tools any which way they want to increase productivity,” she added.


Ricoh’s EZ Plus system is just another example of how Ricoh is contributing towards the digital revolution, transforming the way we go about our daily lives, making tasks that were once cumbersome and mundane now a breeze.


As Alice Lee rightfully puts it, “This is all part of our continuous endeavour at Ricoh to empower digital workplaces with solutions that one could only imagine of in the past but is now changing reality. In this, lies our commitment behind our ‘Imagine. Change.’ philosophy.”


More information about Ricoh’s EZ Plus can be obtained by logging on to or by calling Ricoh Malaysia at 1-300-88-8228.


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