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Empowering Digital Workplaces



Ricoh improves workplaces using innovative technologies & services enabling individuals to work smarter.




A digital revolution is emerging in all corners of the world, with changes in society, including work practices, and the acceleration of technological innovation. From conventional office environments to workplaces that encompasses various industries and worksites, EMPOWERING DIGITAL WORKPLACES will transform your activities and enable true knowledge creation while enabling you to work smarter.


At Ricoh Malaysia, the new way to work at the workplace requires 3 important elements, its People, Processses and Technology. With the new way to work, we see how processes are streamlined using technology through a 3 step approach of Workflow, Workplace & Workstyle. Also with today's increasingly mobile workforce, organizations are seeing the benefit of offering its employees flexible working opportunities.Ricoh is here to provide you with the tools and expertise to enable your workfocrce to be more productive and connected at the office, home and on the go.




The Traditional Office is Changing

Workflow is the first step in making information work for you with it being easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Transition from traditional paper based to cost effective digital workflows, transform your business and empowers your workplace.





Every Workplace is Unique

We know that workspaces and workplaces are simply unique in its on way. Ricoh understands your requirements to not only see the right fit for you and not only making it FULLY EQUIPPED, but FULLY UTILIZED and FULLY CONNECTED.





Connect & Collaborate

Interconnection between devices is fundamental to activate a new Workstyle.  The new Way to Work, maximizes applications and 
communication technologies to help improve productivity and efficiency. It transform your workplace into a dynamic working environment. Ricoh is enabling you to work smarter by  EMPOWERING DIGITAL WORKPLACES  anyone, anytime, anywhere.