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What if you can have a brand new Multifunctional Printer for RM5 a day


Ricoh is now running this promotion of getting your brand new Multifunctional Printer for RM 5/day


Only RM 5/day to own Ricoh’s new range of compact MFPs .


It features the Smart Operation Panel technology that brings you high quality printing, high efficiency workflow and low running costs.


The 10.1 inch Smart Operation Panel offers an impressive user experience and productivity with Smart Device like usability and functionality .
User can easily add, delete or shift apps and widgets icons by just drag and drop from the 'apps' menu just like your smart device!
Revolutionize your workflow with various software to increase productivity and efficiency.
Work from anywhere and anytime with smart devices syncing with the Multifunctional Printer
If you are interested, please call us at 1-300-88-8228 or look us up at Facebook. Ricoh (Malaysia) Official