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Zheng SaiSai Shares Imagination to Change Moment

Kuala Lumpur, 26 February 2013 - To the joys of those who visited Ricoh Malaysia booth at today’s Malaysian Open 2013, they were greeted by Zheng SaiSai, a junior Chinese tennis player and Peter Wee, Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh Malaysia.
As Ricoh always believe that everything that is formed today that includes businesses is transformed through unique ideas and innovations, Ricoh has even demonstrated the philosophy behind their tagline with their canvas wall, located at their booth.
From 23 February to 3 March 2013, Ricoh will engage an artist to transform a plain canvas wall at their booth. Each day, the artist will reveal a portion of the artwork to finally reveal a complete work on the last day of the event. The public is invited to be part of this imaginative activity and follow through the concept of this painting.
Running concurrent to the painting is the “Count & Win” contest, which challenges the public to correctly guess the number of Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs), printers and projectors that are hidden in the painting. Those who answer correctly will take home Ricoh’s latest product, Ricoh SP 100 e printer.
Further to that, visitors to the booth today managed to see both Peter Wee and Zheng Saisai put on their signature to the canvas wall to signify their support for imagination and change for a better world.
“I’m truly happy that I can be part of this meaningful activity. No doubt to say that imagination plays a strong role for a better change, we, the sports player needs them too”, said Zheng SaiSai who made her special appearance at Ricoh’s booth.
Peter Wee added that “Sharing the knowledge and encouraging others to think a step ahead has been the very essence of what Ricoh is all about, whether it is through our products, solutions or services.”
The event ended successfully when the tennis player’s fans surrounded her to get her signature on the tennis ball.
For more information, visit Ricoh’s website at or get updates from their Facebook page at