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Těte-à-těte with ‘The Pink Panther’

Kuala Lumpur, 6 October 2014 – American professional golfer and ten-time LPGA Tour winner, Paula Creamer, was in town recently for an exclusive těte-à-těte with clients and potential clients of Ricoh (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., to share her insights on golf and how it intertwined with Ricoh's brand philosophies.
Titled “Těte-à-těte with Paula Creamer”, the informal talk-show styled discussion featured Creamer alongside Peter Wee, Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, discussing the many similarities that golf shared with Ricoh, the leader in total office and business solutions.
“I see a lot of similarities between Ricoh and golf. Playing smart, being accurate and precise, are all qualities required in golf, and they also fall in line with Ricoh's objectives,” said Creamer, who has been Ricoh's global brand ambassador since October 2008.
“The challenges we face in golf as with Ricoh's business are similar too. With golf being an outdoor game, there are many external factors that affect the way we choose to make our swing as we need to be wary of the turf, contours, wind and the different playing fields. It's about finding a precise and accurate solution to overcome these challenges with the ideal swing and the right support. My caddy has played a pertinent role in developing my professional career, giving me moral support and advice along the way. This, I believe, is the core of Ricoh's business as well – providing insightful advice, support as well as the experience in total solutions for businesses,” she added.
Ricoh's brand new comprehensive eight Services Line, which ranges from Communication Services and Business Process Services, to Sustainability Management Services, Managed Document Services and many more, ensures that its customers' evolving needs are consistently met in order to keep them ahead of the game, transforming and improving the way their entire organisation works, collaborates and shares information.
“In golf, as highlighted by Ms. Creamer, your caddy is said to be your trusted and reliable partner. Our goal is to be that loyal business partner – just like the caddy, by developing solutions and services that help strategize and transform your problems into opportunities, complementing your clients' journey towards success,” said Wee.
He added, “Having Paula Creamer as our global brand ambassador ties in perfectly with Ricoh's Services, as she drives the brand's commitment to precision and accuracy. These qualities are crucial for us just like in golf, in order to stay on top as a leader in office and business solutions.”
In line with the belief that the fundamentals of sport have much in common with the brand's services, Ricoh has consistently supported key sporting events over the years, with the most recent ones being the Maybank Malaysian Open 2014 and the BMW Malaysian Open 2014.
The těte-à-těte provided a platform for Ricoh's clients and potential clients to meet and mingle in an informal setting, while showcasing Ricoh's Services and highlighting its brand values.
The guests also had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a mini putting session with the golf superstar, who is nicknamed “The Pink Panther” for her love of all things pink, and had their items personally autographed by the world renowned golfer.
For more information on Ricoh's Services Line, please visit or call 1-300-88-8228.