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Promoting A Greener Workplace

Kuala Lumpur, 11 August 2014 – “Greenies” now have another reason to smile, with the latest range of environmentally-friendly printers introduced by Ricoh (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.  
Ricoh's latest eco-friendly printers – SG 3120B SFNw and MP C2003SP & C2503SP – are promoting more sustainable business practices in the workplace, through its energy-saving and resource management technologies.  
The SG 3120B SFNw, Ricoh's latest GelJet printer, is Ricoh's first battery-driven Geljet 4 -in-1 Multifunction Printer (MFP) in the market at the moment. One of the interesting features of the new SG 3120B SFNw is its ability to switch automatically from AC to battery without disrupting the printing process. This makes it ideal for public facilities or outdoor events that are challenged by the lack of power supply or power outage.  
With up to 1,000 pages of water resistant printouts, the SG 3120B SFw comes with an optional spare battery and battery charger to prolong its usage. It is cleverly equipped with a USB port to charge smart devices and an Energy Demand management function, which enables more efficient power management.  
Like its predecessor, the new printer uses Ricoh's patented fast-drying viscous pigment-based Liquid Gel™, which results in a smudge-free, water resistant and instant-drying ink.  
“As a total office, IT and business solutions provider, Ricoh is able to give companies the confidence to remain competitive in the workplace. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of technology through innovation, in line with our brand tagline, “ imagine.change. ”. We seek to merge business functionality with ethical practices, to produce solutions that help our customers embrace tomorrow, in our effort to improve the lives of those around us,” said Peter Wee, Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.  
At the same time, Ricoh has also unveiled the successor of MP C2051 & C2551 – the MP C2003SP & C2503SP – regarded as the “new generation flagship of colour Multifunction Printer (MFP)” .  
One of the exciting new functions of this range is the in-built Stapleless Stapling function which enables businesses to not only save over 1,000,000 tonnes of steel, but also millions of ringgit and resources annually, making it an ideal asset to the corporate, medical, education, and F&B industry.  
The MP C2003SP & C2503SP also offers a customisable home screen that enables users to monitor how much paper they have saved via the GW+ controller. Additionally, the Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) values of these devices are among the lowest in the sector; power consumption during sleep mode is at an industry low.  
In terms of appearance, the MP C2003SP & C2503SP is totally different from its predecessors, with a change in body colour from white and sherbet blue, to an intelligent light grey and dark grey. The new design also features a 9-inch Touch Panel and an optional built-in Smart Card reader unit.  
The MP C2003SP & C2503SP also allows cloud service integration, whereby files can be printed from and scanned data can be saved into cloud storage. This new model also features Scan-to-smart device capability, which allows scanned data from the printer to be sent to smart devices.  
“Our latest range of eco-friendly printers not only satisfies our consumers' growing printing needs, but also strikes a healthy balance between business efficiency and sustainability. They are designed to enhance workflow, while minimising our impact on the environment. These efforts are in line with Ricoh's Global Eco Action Month, which falls annually in June in conjunction with World Environment Day on the 5 th of June, whereby Ricoh consciously takes action to improve eco-awareness on a global scale,” said Wee.  
The SG 3120B SFNw is priced at RM2, 000 and below, while the MP C2003SP & C2503SP are priced at RM17, 000 and RM21, 000 respectively.  
For more information, please log on to: or call 1-300-88-8228.