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Cream of the Crop Makes An Exclusive Visit for Ricoh Guests

Kuala Lumpur, 8 October 2013 - Amidst her busy schedule and her hectic LPGA tour, Paula Creamer spent some quality “tee” time with Ricoh (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.’s valued business guests.
The event, held at City Golf in Bangsar Shopping Centre, saw the women’s world ranking no. 12 take on a relaxing change of pace as to hit a few golf balls at the indoor golf simulator range for a change. She also shared some of her valuable golfing tips on precision and accuracy with exclusive Ricoh guests on how to improve their swing, proving that she was indeed among the “cream of the crop”.
Paula Creamer was appointed as Ricoh’s global brand ambassador to drive the brand’s commitment to precision and accuracy, which is crucial, as in golf, to staying on top as a leader in office and business solutions, particularly in the MDS (Managed Document Services) arena, which encompasses the three fundamental parts of document management – input, throughput and output. Ricoh works to understand how enterprises access, use and store information. They then adapt and optimize those processes to make them more efficient and effective — and help address related information security issues.
“We are truly proud to have our global brand ambassador right here in Malaysia to spend time with our guests,” said Peter Wee, Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh Malaysia. “Many people ask me what our business has to do with golf. My answer is ‘more than you know!’ Precision is among the common denominators between golf and document management - where the lack of, will result in unachievable goals and unimaginable losses. In both business and golf, you must play smart to succeed, and Paula is living proof of that.”
“Furthermore, choosing the right caddy is equally important as choosing the right partner in the business world – to provide insightful advice, moral support as well as to be the extra pair of eyes in overcoming challenges and obstacles in the competitive business arena; they need to be ready to provide fresh perspectives and strategies to transform problems into opportunities in finding new solutions. Hence, why like a loyal caddy to a pro golfer, Ricoh (Malaysia) would make a great business partner for you. We are capable of transforming your businesses with an adaptive customer-centric approach as we dig deep to understand your current business environment. We share the same objectives as you to meet your strategic objectives by offering both products and services as a best mix to solve customer issues,” added Mr. Wee.
Ricoh’s MDS presents the solution to increase work-flow productivity, save costs and simultaneously minimise and reduce one’s environmental footprint, all while enjoying ease of access to the right information at the right time, in the right form, from any location.
During the event, Ricoh also organized the “Longest Drive” and “Nearest to Pin” contest for its guests at the simulator. Famously referred to as the “Pink Panther” due to the affinity to the colour Paula enjoys to fashion on the course, many guests were also dressed in pink as a sign of support for her upcoming LPGA tournament. Paula Creamer herself was also seen 
during the competition going around and providing one-on-one guidance to participants throughout the contest, in which winners won prizes in the form of autographed T-shirts and caps as well as City Golf vouchers.
“It was truly a joy for me to be able to spend time with Ricoh’s clientele in Malaysia, which was definitely a relief from my hectic schedule. It is indeed a great opportunity to play here in this beautiful country, while meeting as many people as I can and while fulfilling my obligations as Ricoh’s international brand ambassador. Truly, everyone had a lot of fun today,” said Paula Creamer.