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Interactive Whiteboard

Creating Art Using Two Interactive Whiteboards A collaboration between artists Koutaro Ooyama and Asuka Miyakoshi

The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5500 ("IWB" hereafter) that Ricoh released in January 2013 undertook a unique challenge that goes against the conventional notions of office automation (OA) equipment. Two young and energetic artists, Koutaro Ooyama and Asuka Miyakoshi, took on the challenge of drawing a single piece of graphic art using two IWB units. Their dynamic artistry, freely spun from their imagination and the capabilities of the IWB, which faithfully responded to their expressions, resulted in a collaborative work unlike anything that has been done before.

Miyakoshi, drawing the background

The collaborative work, drawn simultaneously by two artists, nearing completion

The most outstanding characteristics of the IWB are its smooth, touch-screen responsiveness, stick-to usability, and its ability to share the same display between remote locations while allowing interactive communications. The two artists took advantage of the IWB's characteristics to create a single piece of work using two separate IWB units. See the video that highlights this creative work made possible only by IWB.


We hope that by seeing this video you will understand the subtle expressive capabilities of the IWB and its ability to allow people to work simultaneously through its Real-time Sharing feature, while sensing the possibilities the product offers beyond conventional frames of reference.


Interactive Whiteboard