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Pro C7200sx

Cutsheet Colour Production Printing

Built for Graphic Arts Applications

Add extra value to your print services with fifth colour and add impact to your print - built for graphic arts applications. This model is designed to meet the market ever changing needs and open up new business possibilities.

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With the addition of the 5th colour station, you can add extra impact to your print, whether adding a clear varnish to accenutate designs, printing white directly onto coloured media, invisible red can be used for entry level security applications and neon yellow and neon pink can create greater impact to the print and extend the colour gamut, the range of applications in limited only by imagination.


  • Print quality that is comparible to offset
  • 5th colour adds, impact, appeal and value to any print output
  • New feature enables you to print White + CMYK in a single pass
  • Full engine speed maintained at all media weights up to 360gsm
  • Auto duplex on long sheets up to 700mm and 1260mm in simplex
  • Modular configuration to suit your needs
  • Extensive media support, for a variety of media, such as textured, envelopes, translucent stock