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Pro C9100 / C9110

Cutsheet Colour Production Printing

Cost effective, highly efficient digital printing

Competition in the print industry has never been fiercer. As a result, commercial printers need to increase margins and maintain profitability by investing in new technology that is durable and prodcutive for high digital print volumes. The new generation Ricoh Pro C9100 and C9110 is the answer. It is the affordable digital solution allowing printers to enter the high-speed digital market. 


The Pro C9100 Series can integrate into a hybrid workflow and delivers greater flexibility, superb print quality and higher productivity with faster turnaround performance. It compliment offset printers in terms of quality and provide variable data with greater media handling capability. This makes high volume jobs cost effective and highly efficient whilst introducing personalisation and customisation options simply not available with offset technology.

  • Exceptional print quality
  • Maximises productivity
  • Outstanding durability
  • Extensive media capabilities
  • Print
  • NetworkLAN
  • Auto Duplex

Enhanced VCSEL technology

Ricoh’s Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology gives best in class resolution creating razor sharp image quality. Combined with the new processing technologies and larger colour gamut toner, this enables the digital press to deliver exceptional image quality that consistently rivals offset.

Highly productive

Pro C9100 models run at speeds up to 110ppm and 130ppm for the Pro C9110 based upon A4 for maximum output and fast turnaround times.

Extensive media versatility

Benefi t from the ability to print onto uncoated, textured and coated media from 52gsm to 400gsm, duplexed banner sheet printing up to 700mm and even speciality media such as super-gloss, magnet, metallic, transparent or synthetic to extend your customer offering.

Extremely durable

Daily use is optimised with the sturdy and durable design of the digital press. They offer a maximum monthly volume of 1 million based on A4. Lifetime reliability is 60,000K or 5 years.

High productivity

  • At up to 130ppm, it offers high volume capabilities for cost effective output
  • All speeds are maintained regardless of paper weight due to the combination of a powerful fuser and integrated cooling system
  • Paper handling and print quality is improved by advance toner transfer technology, accurate image registration and new straight paper path for easier media handling
  • Twin toner bottle loading and on the fly toner replacement allows for continues usage

Exceptional image quality

Optimum image quality up to 4800 dpi is ensured by Ricoh’s innovative VCSEL technology. VCSEL has as many as 40 laser beams emitting simultaneously to give exceptionally accurate and smooth image quality.

Uptime maximised

  • Status Light Pole - can see operational status from a distance
  • Operational panel features animations for user ease
  • Operators can replace Operator Replaceable Units (ORU) for maximum uptime

The Pro C9100 series realises new platform with straight paper path, allowing easier media handling. This results in lesser stress to the media, and ultimately reduces paper jams and increase productivity.

The Pro C9100 series printers are also equipped with new straight path belt cooling system, which allows the printed media to cool down right after the fusing, maintain production speed for all media types.

Robust functionality

Ricoh Pro C9100 and C9110 suppor ts advanced external EFI Fier y servers. They have a new user interface and functionality. With ease-of-use enhancements they help simplify fi le management and job workfl ow for greater efficiency.

Definitive technology

The Ricoh Pro C9100 Series is available with either the EFI E-43 or the faster and more powerful E-83 print server. The latter incorporates a high-performance 3.5GHz up to a 3.8GHz with Turbo Intel Xeon processor, extended 2GB x 8 memory and a powerful 500 GB HDD. They enable you to not only handle complex jobs more easily but also support the fi nishing options that you can offer to be more competitive and profi table.

Extensive media library

The unique library holds over 200 profiles tested and proven by Ricoh. There’s also a custom library for personalized media profiles along with a back-up capacity for an additional 1,000 profi les. It gives real scope to take advantage of a diverse range of different print opportunities.


It also allows users to adjust and associate different parameters per substrate to ensure image quality and reliability, including different ICC profi les for the front and reverse of a sheet.

Simple media setup

  • The Media Identification Unit (MIU) is included in Pro C9100 and C9110 as a standard
  • When scanning media through the MIU, it will display media profiles with similar printing setting characteristics from the paper catalog

Broad media support

  • Quickly extend your business expertise to include light packaging, envelopes and direct mail to books, general promotional materials, brochures and business cards
  • Supports from 52gsm up to 400gsm
  • Duplex banner printing up to 300gsm and 700mm in length
  • Textured Media support - new advanced toner transfer technology combined with the new elastic transfer belt technology ensures superior transferability on textured media

Target reliability

With RICOH Pro C9100 series, you can benefit from increased reliability and productivity. It offers of a lifetime of 60,000K or 5 years and a recommended document volume range of 100 - 700K, maximum 1,000K.

New Vacuum Paper Feed and Bridge Unit (Optional)

  • Vacuum feed for the reliable delivery of even the most demanding media
  • Air blast assisted to the front and sides to ensure reliable sheet separation
  • Offers high level of feeding accuracy for greater productivity
  • Up to 3 units can be attached
  • Supports media weight from 52gsm up to 400gsm

New Banner Sheet Tray (Optional)

  • Attaches to the upper tray of the Vacuum Paper Feed
  • Paper capacity: 210 - 330mm x 420 - 700mm
  • Media weight 52 up to 400gsm
  • Up to 730 sheet capacity dependent on media thickness
  • Tray to support Banner Sheet for the Finisher included

New High Capacity Stacker (Optional)

  • This new option stacks up to 5,000 sheets (SRA3, A4, LT size) on shift tray and 250 sheets on one proof tray 
  • Up to two stackers can be attached
  • Includes roll-away cart as standard
  • Ensures ease of high volume outputs

Multi-Bypass Tray (Optional)

  • Paper size: 100 - 330mm x 139 - 487mm
  • Media weight 52 up to 216gsm 
  • Up to 500 sheet capacity dependent on media thickness

Multi-Folding Unit (Optional)

  • Offers six options for paper folding
  • Supports from 64gsm to 105gsm including coated paper
  • For 2-Fold, 3-Fold In and 3-Fold Out, multi-pages folding is available up to three pages from 64-89gsm
  • Ideal for Direct Mail opportunities

Standard Finisher and Booklet Finisher (Optional)

  • (Without saddle Stitch) this fi nisher also offers Punch option
  • Stack capability: media up to 330 x 487mm
  • Media weight: 52 up to 400gsm
  • Up to 2,500 sheets on Shift Tray (A4/LT, 80gsm)
  • 100 sheets staple (B5-A3/215 x 279 - 279 x 431mm, 80 gsm)
  • Booklet Finisher offers the same stack capacity with 20 sheet booklet (B5-SRA3/215 x 279 - 330 x 487mm, 90gsm)
  • Booklet Finisher has one-side edge trimmer as an option
  • Enables creation of professional booklets

Ring Binder (Optional)

  • Fully automates binding workfl ow, saving time and labour costs
  • Easy of operation as the system processes from printing to closing rings without manual intervention
  • Operator can prepare for the next job whilst the system runs itself
  • Two sizes of consumable rings are available for 50 or 100 sheets
  • Cartridge ring holds up to 75 sets and easy to refi ll
  • Black/white coloured rings available

Plockmatic Booklet Maker (Optional)

  • 50 sheet or 35 sheet Production Booklet Making System (80gsm paper)
  • Creates high quality 200 page (or 140 page) saddle-stitched and square folded booklets at rated engine speed
  • Optional Bleed trim and creasing capabilities eliminate manual processing
  • Supports up to 300gsm media - coated or uncoated - for a wide range of applications
  • A newly designed precision face trimmer module allows you to trim the shingle effect off the booklet as required for a clean, professional look
  • Off-line mode enables manual booklet making from documents produced on other devices

GBC StreamPunch Ultra (Optional)

  • Wide media range - up to 300gsm
  • Tab processing on the trailing edge of the sheet
  • World’s fi rst ‘Double Punch’ capability
  • New Die Set design