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RICOH Unified Communication System P3000 wins Bronze prize at US-based IDEA 2012

Ricoh's portable video conferencing system, "the RICOH Unified Communication System P3000," won the Bronze prize at US-based IDEA 2012 (International Design Excellence Awards).
This is the second consecutive year that a Ricoh product has won an IDEA Bronze prize, following the GXR digital camera last year. With this prize, the RICOH Unified Communication System P3000, having already won the 2011 Good Design Award (Japan) and the 2012 iF Product Design Award (Germany), has now won three of the most noted design awards in the world. 
The PJ WX4130N/4130 ultra short throw projector and RICOH Pro C751EX/C651EX color production printer were also chosen as finalists at IDEA 2012.
The IDEA Awards, presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America, are one of the most prestigious awards in the United States, and highly regarded internationally. With assessment based on multiple criteria including the innovation, functionality and environmental friendliness of each design, IDEA 2012 awarded 35 Gold, 69 Silver, and 112 Bronze prizes and 600 finalists out of 1,700 entries from 32 nations around the world.
<Bronze Prize>
Portable Video Conferencing System
RICOH Unified Communication System P3000
With a concept of "Communication anytime, anywhere, and with anyone," the compact, lightweight design offers easy transportation and simple operation. Ricoh's unique communications control technology and cloud-based platform allow easy communication.

Ultra Short Throw Projector 
PJ WX4130N/4130
*1 Among all mirror reflection-type, ultra-short-throw projectors (as of April 2012, Ricoh survey).
Color Production Printer